Friday, September 21, 2012

5 minute Friday - Bigger Picture - Wide


I look before me at the wide stretch of beach and breathe it in deep 
these are the moments which quiet my soul 

I open my mouth wide to lift up a song 
 the expanse of beach reminds me of the one I sang as a girl 

"Deep and Wide"  
deep and wide - there's a fountain flowing deep and wide 

It speaks of the love of the Father - His love flows like a fountain 
deep and wide.  We cannot comprehend the depths  or the width of His love for us. 
It knows no boundaries. 
It knows no end. 

To love like Christ is my quest. 
I ask for His help as I fall so miserably short. 
He brushes me off, smiles and holds me tight. 
He reminds me softly - it isn't my love that's needed - but simply His love through me. 

Deep Wide Unending Love 


click for printable pdf - Bible memory verse 

I'm off to teach the boys the song of the day - Deep and Wide! 

Here is a YouTube video you can share with your littles - be sure to read them the Bible verse to go along with it so they will relate the song to the love of Christ
 (deep and wide, big and strong, tall and thin - like a tree) -

My gifts this week: 
quiet time 
a new Bible study with sweet friends both old and new 
frogs in the house (yes)
Sunday School songs from childhood and sharing them with my boys
field trip planning with homeschool friends 
online community of sisterhood 
laughter and giggles with little boys 
Taco night
salt air cool breeze 
getting healthier - moving my body more - thank you Lord! 

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