Friday, September 21, 2012

Our Homeschool Week - Frogs frogs and more frogs

In my life this week… 
I love photography! I've been fortunate enough to have been able to use it in photo-journalism and love using it to record our homeschool adventures. I've been using my iphone a lot lately as it is so easy to carry! I found a new app this week called: Filter Mania2   - I've had such fun playing with it I just had to share it with you.
 (And guess what? It's FREE) 

Check out some of the different looks you can get from the same photo: 

In our homeschool this week… 

Have you heard of Kahn Academy? Free lessons online- well, my oldest is learning Algebra for free! They have science, physics, math - video learning. (They are not a Christian company - so you may want to supervise to make sure you are comfortable with it) I love the math! I am NOT a math girl - I'm a writer! It is such a relief to know that I have this for backup - for free! 

Evidently it's FROG season in Southwest Florida! The boys are in heaven. The frogs. . . not so much. 

Homemade "Frog habitat" by the littles: 
 I'm wondering what happened to the art supplies that used to inhabit this box of theirs????? Never a dull moment around here!

 Field trip to the pool! We have started a new "fitness- health and nutrition" series this week. The boys are learning about WHY we need to move our bodies with regular exercise and what our bodies need to grow healthy and strong.
 (Um, yes-it does correlate with my HealthyMomSeries

Places we are going and people we are seeing …
                                (filter)                                                                        (no filter) 
                                                        Which one do you like best? 

Enjoyed a great ladies bible study this week on the island! Looking forward to seeing my sweet friends again next week. Loved it! The boys got to play with friends, and Parker headed off on his bike to visit his buddy. 
Afterwards we took a nice walk on the beach together for sunset and I snapped these pictures. 

Looking forward to our park days with the homeschool group - today we just couldn't make it! 

We are reading …  about frogs of course! Here are a few good choices for you- (click the pic 4 link) 
Product Details  Product Details  Reptiles & Amphibians: Picture Book (Educational Children's Books Collection) (Planet Collection)  Frogs: Picture Book (Educational Children's Books Collection) - Level 2 (Planet Collection)  Fun Frogs! Learn About Frogs And Learn To Read - The Learning Club! (45+ Photos of Frogs)
The 3 Kindle books are free for Amazon Prime members and $2.99 (u can read them on the computer) 

*If you purchase these books through the links I provided - I do make a little profit for our homeschool
Thanking you in advance for your support! 

Homeschool tips . . . 
Because the boys are so excited about all the frogs in our area right now - I will defer from our curriculum plan which calls for study of the Whales (Apologia - Swimming Creatures). We will go ahead and expand this theme to find out about what other kinds of frogs live in places around the world. I'm thinking a little rain forest investigation is in order! 

*Don't let your curriculum - or anything else - dictate to you what to study in your homeschool. Use it as a resource - not a ruler! Have fun by learning about topics your children love. (even if they are slimy) You can pull spelling words, vocabulary, science, bible, history, reading, math and anything you need to out of a topic like this! If they are excited about learning - RUN WITH IT! 

Freebies and Favorite Resources … 
Geography and More-                                         About  Whales - pdf- copywork - by me! 
  Tutti Frutti Breakfast Smoothie printable for kids:                                       Whales: The Kids Times- 
front page of Kids' Times for Fin Whalefront page of Kids' Times for Blue WhalePost image for Tutti Frutti Breakfast Smoothie: FREE Printable Recipe Guide for Children                          

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