Sunday, October 7, 2012

31 days HS Encouragement - Body - Healthy mom

 I'm eating my vegetables and working to take better care of my body - so that I can feel better,  be an example to my children, take better care of my family, and because my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. 

I'm not focused on loosing weight so much as on improving my health. Although, that will be an added bonus! 

If you need inspiration in that area - you can check out my weekly posts here. There you will also find links and information to the other 18 bloggers participating to get fit.

 Read 10 ways to get more exercise here.  As homeschool Moms - we are "on" pretty much 24/7. If we aren't staying on top of our own health - things can go from bad to worse extremely quickly. 

Over the past few weeks - I've been changing my eating habits. A little at a time. One step at a time. Moving closer to a healthier me. In my research - I found this site where Lisa @100 Days of Real Food has broken down such a large challenge into 14 steps.  

I'm taking advantage of my new found vigor to eat healthy and exercise and incorporating it into our homeschool. It's the perfect opportunity to teach the boys more about health and nutrition. They are learning to take care of the body God gave them. 

I've found a decent site for kids to learn called Nutrition Activities for Kids - free downloads, games and more. Guidelines from the Mayo Clinic here. Our favorite, thus far is called Nutrition Interative.  

I've struggled with my health for the past 10 years, and have been homeschooling for 7 of those years. When you are not at your best, it's easy to slip into a depressed state. We've all heard of the proverbial "haggard housewife". There's a reason for that old adage.

 It happens a lot! And it's easy to slip into when you are fighting chronic pain. 

One of the "rules" I've made for myself to combat having my boys sit down to school with the creature from the black lagoon - is to go through a quick routine. It consists of face washing, hair fixing (read: quick pony tail), dressing in real clothes, and the secret weapons - lipstick and a touch of mascara! It takes all of 10 minutes to pull myself together this way; but it sets a tone for the day and shows my boys that I care about how I present myself, even to them at home. 

This week has been a rainy week. That raises my pain levels. When the pain is worse, it becomes more difficult to do the exercising and to eat right. It makes me want to reach for sugar. It keeps me from moving my body. What I'm telling you is - it was a lousy week - I didn't do so well. I have, however been drinking more water. 
We are planning and cooking our meals at home and using more whole foods. I'll take those small victories. 

This is a new day - and I am determined to do better. I need to get healthier in order to be a better mom, and to lead a better homeschool schedule. Will you pray for me this week? 

How can I pray for you? Are you a homeschool mom suffering with a chronic illness? 

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on getting fit - for you, for your family, for God. 

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