Monday, October 22, 2012

31 days of Homeschool Encouragement - healthy support

Support makes all the difference.

One of the great struggles of my life is my struggle with RA. Rheumatoid Arthritis is the bane of my existence. Really.

My body hurts every day. It makes it difficult to be who I need to be for my children. It makes it hard to do my job as a homeschool mom, wife, home maker. It makes it hard to get out of bed.

(I promise to stop whining in a minute) There is a point - I'll get to it. . . . . .

I don't have the ability to just change this situation. Until God decides to heal me (and I'm believing He will) I am sort of stuck feeling this way. I will continue to suffer through this situation until it changes. There are times when this is entirely too much to handle. There are times when life is simply too hard. The pain is too great. I am not capable.

but God is capable

There are times when I feel like giving up. All too often it would be so much easier to throw in the towel. There are days when I know I cannot do it.

but God can do it.

Others don't fully understand. Even with those who care - it can be terribly isolating - because even if they care they can't fully know. They don't really know.

but God knows.

Those times - all too frequent times - when I am not able

God is able. 

I don't know your struggles. Some may be physical - fighting to get healthy - struggling to homeschool. Some of you have shared. I care - I can encourage - I can pray. But I don't really know. 

but God knows. 

He knows you. Right where you are - right now. He knows your needs - your weaknesses - the desires of your heart. He wants you to succeed with your health. He wants you to succeed in your home, homeschool, job, your marriage, your life. He loves you. 

We took a family bike ride this weekend - in an effort to improve my health by being more active - and to spend intentional quality time with the family as a whole - We jumped on our bikes and headed down the trail. When we stopped for a water break - we had some visitors. Aren't they amazing? 

It was a wild and crazy experience. It was an experience we'll never forget. Most of all - it reminded me of something important. It reminded me that His eye is on the sparrow!

 "Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies?

 Yet not one of them is forgotten in God's sight" 

                                                                                                                     Luke 12:6

Not one. 
is forgotten. 
in God's sight. 

No matter what your struggles are today - you are not alone. You have the love, care, and support of the Creator of the universe. You are not here by mistake. He cares for you - right now - today. 

"His eye is on the sparrow - and I know He watches over me"     (listen to the song here) 

He is watching over you

I share these things with you to encourage you. I have needed the encouragement - for our home, our school and for my health. God has been so faithful to send me what I need so that I can press on.

I'm currently on a 12 week journey with the amazing women in the link below. We are striving to improve our health. We all have different motives and goals.

Mine are pretty simple - I want to be healthier in order to live more fully for Jesus - to serve my family.
I'm eating better, drinking more water, I'm drinking ACV (apple cider vinegar) and getting more exercise.
It's a daily battle. God is blessing my efforts - little at a time I am getting on the right track to improve my health and to fight the debilitating effects of RA. It isn't easy - but with God - all things are possible!

You are welcome to link up any post to encourage others to be healthy or to share your journey:

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