Wednesday, October 3, 2012

#31 days of Homeschool encouragement .. . . . . when the house is a mess

One might think that staying at home with your children means you'll have time to make sure the house is kept in perfect order and be sure everything looks to be in tip-top shape. 

One might think wrong. . . . . I have a friend who is fairly new to homeschooling. She has one child to school at home. The rest of her family is for the most part - self sufficient. I've known her for many years. She is an organized, hard working mom. She taught me years ago - to wipe down the sink and counter while getting ready for the day (novel idea). She looked completely perplexed when she began to share during our recent visit, "I can't seem to get anything else (other than homeschool) done!" 

As she shared these stay at home mom woes with me - I stood at my sink trying to get our less than stellar kitchen mess under control. I love having a clean house. Let me show you what it looks like today: 

And, of course, there is the gargantuan mountain of laundry calling my name. I do separate our laundry - I really do. But somewhere between "boys, pick your clothes up out of the floor" and "boys, don't leave a mess in the bathroom after your shower" this seems to happen to my laundry room: 

seriously boys? 

I think they walk around with their eyes shut. Anybody could tell that there was a bin for towels, one for boy clothes, and another for "other". Believe it or not - there really are bins under those piles. 

It's discouraging for a mom who really does like to keep things in order. Some mothers are able to get up extra early, have quiet time, and cook a hot breakfast while they start laundry and get themselves ready for the day. I . am . not . one . of . them . 

Chronic pain and a 10 year battle with rheumatoid arthritis keep me dragging in the mornings.  My energy levels, well - suffice it to say - not pretty. There are times when I've felt like giving in - giving up - throwing in the proverbial towel (right on top of the big ole' pile that is ever waiting for me). 

It's just about that time when God is faithful to remind me . . . . . I have extra dishes. 
My children may be wearing a lot of hand-me-downs - but I have a washing machine -
and they are dressed in clean clothing (temporarily). They are warm, and fed.

 They are safe, and loved . . . . .just as I am safe, and loved. 

As I begin to look past the piles of dishes and dirty clothes and begin to see the sweet family they represent - my heart softens. As I begin to give thanks to God for those dirty clothes my attitude changes. 

The more I meditate on God's Word - quote verses out loud - teach them to our boys - the more we pull together to work as a team. Our attitudes adjust as we focus on our Savior. Tomorrow is a new day. 

When we focus on Jesus - thanking Him in all things 

there is peace in the storm! 

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Thank you for visiting  - I'll be posting daily doses of homeschool encouragement - with some detailed information about how we manage our homeschool - and struggles - daily throughout October. 

Please let me know if you find these reminders and information useful or if there is something else you are looking for. I am happy to share what God has led us through (some pretty big challenges) and how He continues to carry us through each day.

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k balman said...

Love it. I am struggling so much with this same thing right now.