Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 Days of Homeschool Encouragement - weekly wrap up

I'm writing this month to encourage homeschool moms. The first week so far - I've shared bible verses and encouragement for every day use.

Some of the verses that keep me going. Read here about how when Mama talks to Jesus, everyone is better off.   On day 3 we talked about how to handle it when things are hard.  Day 4 was all about encouragement for when the house is a mess.

 Today, I'd like to share a glimpse of our homeschool week with you. I hope you'll be encouraged by what you see, and maybe gain inspiration.

 Please be aware - these are the good moments. I didn't photograph any of the fit pitching. We enjoy homeschool, and love our fun projects - but I never want you to think that we are without any of the difficult moments. On any given day - with 3 little boys - there can be challenges.

We are learning to cook, play, and pray our way through them. I pray you'll be encouraged by these ideas and maybe find a few that will work for your family as well.

In our homeschool this week…

We are using Craig Froman's book Passport to the World as well as Jamie Aramini of GeoMatters' book called Eat Your Way Around the World  to study Europe. This week - we ate fish and onions as well as carrots just as they do in the Netherlands. We learned about some of the people from there.

We are reading …

 I shared one of my favorite encouraging stories - one of the strongest Christian hero's of all times - with the boys this week as we read about Corrie Ten Boom - from Holland. Her faith held strong through years of imprisonment in a Jewish concentration camp during WWII. She came from a family of watch makers - who gave up their lives to hide Jews in their home.

 It was a great opportunity to talk to the boys about courage, faith, and trusting in God - even in the most dire of circumstances. We discussed how God used even the fleas (which were horrible) in Corrie's barracks - for good. We discussed how we don't always see the good (it would be difficult to see how itchy horrible biting fleas could be a good thing) but God knew they would keep the guards away at night. The women were free to read the bible and pray in the barracks - they were safe from beatings by the guards (and worse) because of those awful fleas. 

The adult/ young adult version of this book is famous - The Hiding Place   (It'll change your life!) 

We studied artists from the Netherlands. We were inspired by Rembrandt, and Vincent Van Gogh to try our own hand at painting. We gave the Impressionists style a go and were quite happy with the results. The biggest thing I wanted the boys to get out of this exercise (besides fun) was to recognize the Impressionist style - be familiar with the names of the artists - and recognize at least a couple of the more famous works. Check out the web site here to share Van Gogh's Starry Night and more with your children. 

We are cooking this week…

In addition to our country food from the Netherlands - we also made Pizza - which also goes with our "Letter of the week" theme (see next section below) 
- click on picture to go to weekly recipe link up -

Letter of the week… "E" 

We are blogging through the alphabet with my friend Marcy Crabtree of Ben and Me. 
It's fun to incorporate the next letter of the alphabet into our studies each week and it makes for some fun projects along the way too. Do you do a letter of the week? 

- E is for Europe -
E is for eating your way around the world 

E is for : 

Freebies of the week …

Product Details E is for "Every Word" - word game for Kindle 

Product DetailsE is for "Elephants" - free Ebook 

"E" is for encouragement - I pray that you are encouraged today

In those "less than stellar" moments of your parenting and homeschool life remember - we can have joy and peace by standing on faith. We can trust Him, as Corrie Ten Boom did. If the power of the Holy Spirit can carry her through the daily torture and abuse that was the Nazi concentration camp - surely we can trust Him to help us through our homeschool day! 

Romans 15:13
  May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing,
 so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.

Thank you for visiting  - I'll be posting daily doses of homeschool encouragement - with some detailed information about how we manage our homeschool - and struggles - daily throughout October. 

Please let me know if you find these reminders and information useful or if there is something else you are looking for. I am happy to share what God has led us through (some pretty big challenges) and how He continues to carry us through each day.

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