Monday, November 12, 2012

Encouragement for Women - Peace

I've talked with a lot of people who are struggling with life in general and many who 
are struggling with election results. So many are out of work, or have had their salaries 
cut. Families are still loosing their homes by the minute and more of that is expected. 
How do we find comfort when the world around us feels as though it is crumbling? 

We've had personal struggles of the sort that would sensibly insight the use of medication on my part- I'm so not joking. If I were left to my own devices I'd be about one panic attack away from hospitalization. Seriously. 

But, I've not been left to my own devices. I have the Holy Spirit to guide me, I can have 
peace that passes all understanding - all I have to do is remember to exercise it! 

The bible is the living, breathing Word of God. I have access to it daily. By soaking it up,
I am exercising my faith - growing it - leaning on Jesus. 

Our Creator hasn't promised us that life will not hurt. He has promised us that He will never leave us or forsake us - and that we can have peace in the storm. 

It's easy to trust Him when things look good. It's not quite as easy when the going gets tough, but that is exactly when we need to trust Him the most. It may come more natural
to trust Him during the dark days if we've been practicing on a regular basis. I want to keep my mind steadfast, by filling it with His Word daily and putting it into practice. 

Our God is mighty. He is steadfast and true. His perfect peace is ours for the taking. 

How? Trust Him. No matter what the outlook or the outcome - trust Him. Have a heart of gratitude in the small things and in the big ones. There is always someone whose need is greater. Pray for them, reach out to do what you can. Remember we are here to serve Him - not the other way around. Thank Him, even for the hard stuff. 
And walk in His peace. 

I'm thankful today: 
*grace for mommy 
*friends who listen and check on me 
*stormy days 
*access to medicine 
*food on the table 
*healthy food for our children 
*time outside 
*field trips to the farm 
*colors in Creation 
*filling up on God's Word 

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