Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Fun School - praying mantis - silent night

I'm hosting Friday Fun School for my sweet friend Marcy @ Ben and Me - as they are in route back home after a visit with family this Thanksgiving. Link up your Fun School ideas to share and inspire others to enjoy learning together. 

At our house: 

Grandad captured a cool Praying Mantis after our Thanksgiving  visit. (We had a house full 
of cousin and grand parent and aunts -n- uncle fun) See more of that here.

On our way out the door to head to the beach - our 8 year old noticed that she was making  
an egg sack! You can see it on the right hand side - top corner of the picture above. It's not the best picture because of the aquarium glass and glare from the sun - sorry. But, you get the idea? We all stopped for awhile and stuck our noses right in her business and watched
as she laid her eggs in the sack. (I feel a unit study coming on) 

The boys informed me that she would die shortly after finishing this egg laying job. She did. 
But, we are anxiously awaiting the birth of our new insect friends. 

We are all very excited to welcome the tiny nymph versions of the larger mantis. 
Had you told me years ago my life would consist of excitement over a bug - I would not 
have believed you and might have suggested you consider medication. 
Alas, with 3 little boys in our homeschool family - a praying mantis is excitement indeed. 
We will be sure to keep you informed, as I am certain, you now also wait with baited breathe.

Other news: 

We are learning the words to "Silent Night" this Christmas season. So. . . I made a free printable. Practice writing the words to the song for various ages - both print and cursive. 
Get a free copy here with information about Advent.  I'll be teaching the boys more about what Advent means as we find ways to stay focused on what God has for us. 

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