Monday, December 17, 2012

Chess is Child's Play - Review and Giveaway

We were recently introduced to Laura Sherman's book called Chess is Child's Play and let me tell you, it was impressive from the get go. The quality of the hard back book itself is top notch. The text is well written and easy enough that even I was able to follow it. Not only that, but I managed to teach my kids the basics of how to play chess almost immediately.  

From day one, they were following along and learning how to move the pieces. The "mini games" that Laura has set up grabbed their attention right away. They were told how to move the pieces, and then put it into practice - a hands on learning technique of which I am a fan, for sure.

The boys had no trouble setting up the board. The instructions in Chess is Child's Play are such that my son followed much of it without needing input from me. The quality of the book is impressive from the cover to the illustrations and has become a welcome addition in our family homeschool.

What's the value in teaching your children to play chess? Aside from the fact that it provides hours of healthy family fun, chess has been around for so many years for a reason. It's good for the brain!

Chess helps children develop problem solving skills they can use throughout their lives. It helps them learn to think ahead and improves lateral thinking. It's a game of strategy and encourages creative thinking and improves concentration.

Chess is Child's Play  teaches etiquette and helps children learn good sportsmanship whether winning or loosing. By following the step by step instructions laid out in the book, children will begin playing and winning  mini games right away - which builds their self confidence immensely.

I thought chess was a game far too difficult for young children, but I was wrong. There are more complex concepts which can be developed and learned as your child's abilities grow - but even very young children can learn how to move the pieces around the board properly and build a strong foundation for the game.

One of my favorite things about this experience is the teamwork it encouraged in my boys as they reminded and helped each other along in learning which direction to move each piece.

Laura Sherman has graciously offered to give one of my readers a FREE copy of her book to try with your own family. I am certain you will be as impressed as I have been - and remember - the age of your child is not much of a factor as you can begin even with toddlers and pre-school kids.

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