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Our Homeschool This Week - Nn is for . . . .

In my life this week. . . 
Hangs on a long dog tag chain - creative juices flowin' #hsbloggers #swflAmber beach glass wrapped w sea colored & pearl seed beads #handmade Christmas #hsbloggers

Nn is for New Jewelry - I've been on a roll - getting my creative juices flowing 
the one on the right is my creation "BEECH glass" - excited about BEECH Retreat  Jan 31 

Nn is also for 'No room in the Inn' - I'm not the only one around here being creative 
we used sticks from our nature walk to create small Nativities (yeah, Nn is also for Nativity

In our homeschool this week…

Our animal studies @masterbooks4u #homeschool Weekly wrap up @ihomeschoolnetNn is 4 Nautilus- World of Animals @masterbooks4u blogging the alphabet w @Benandme #homeschool #hswildlife

We use our wonderful The World of Animals book from Master Books to study new and 
exciting animals each week. 

Nn is for Nuthatch and Narwhal  also Nn is for Nautilus 
A few fun facts for ya- the Narwhal (pictured above in bottom left corner) is a whale included in the dolphin and porpoise family. It is a toothed whale that grows up to 16 feet long. The male has a tusk and may use it to fence with other males. 
The beautiful Nautilus shell shows the mathematical  Fibonacci sequence - read more facts about this incredible creature here.  (ahem. . . Nn is for Numbers

#Homeschool History @GeoMatters Nathan Hale "My only regret is that I have but one life to lose for my country"Nn is for Native Americans & Nn is for New Hampshire #homeschool fun this week

Nn is for Nathan Hale - whom we read about in Profiles from History 
Nn is for North American Indians - Timucua Indians and Calusa of Florida are on our list - we found the Timucua Indians in our Indian Tribes of North America coloring book (great way to keep kids busy while I read more info) 
Nn is for New Hampshire - from the United States coloring book - we are reading about New Hampshire in our GeoMatters Pathway to Settlement  curriculum - which uses living books and not just a text book for teaching. 

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

Nn is for Numbers -  If you have a child who struggles with dyslexia or dysgraphia 
make your own simple flash cards for them to put in order. Numbers need to be reviewed 
as well as letters. Spence is working on addition and subtraction, but needed to review recognizing his numbers 11 - 20 this week. This was a great way for him to do it. 

We are reading learning and exploring …

Nn is for Nigeria - Mary Slessor was a "peacemaker" among the tribes #homeschool #unitstudyHeroes for Young Readers - LOVING these unit studies

Nn is for Nigeria -  Our Heroes For Young Readers  books are a wonderful addition to our family homeschool. Each lesson provides a short reader with pictures to introduce the Hero and the tale of how they left their mark on the world - this week we were in Nigeria on the continent of Africa - Mary Slessor was an incredible woman and a peacemaker among the tribes of Africa. The activity guide provides everything from songs to bible verses to spelling words and art projects to go with the books. Pictured in bottom left corner is a simple hut like the one Mary lived in while in  Nigeria. 
We have studied Corrie Ten Boom  of the Netherlands - here is a link to the first 4 book set  
and the Activity Guide here.  Other books here and the activity guides here

We're cooking…

#kidsinthekitchen Link up tomorrow at #hsmommas #hsbloggersPinto beans - homestyle - teaching the boys to cook a family favorite

We're cooking Pinto beans - teaching the boys how to cook healthy dry beans 

Favorite moments this week 

Nn is for Nostalgic- 

It's always fun getting out the Christmas stuff. I love that our tree is a fun mixture of sand dollars and shells we've found at the beach, antique ornaments that have seen many Christmas's and bring back countless memories, and handmade ornaments from my boys. This year we added small nests and birds and even a couple of little bird houses that I think are really fun. It's kind of our "Old Florida - Nature Tree" 

Starfish & #handmade beach w sea shells ornament #fewofmyfavoritethings #swfl #christmasPainted these when my Parker was only 3 - still a fun favorite #swfl #christmas

Starfish, and tiny gifts from the sea - each one found by me or the family at our beach - make my heart beat happy when I see them sparkling on the tree. The long spiral "ice sickle" shells came from our honeymoon in Costa Rica. The Santa Claus starfish I painted with Parker when he was only 3 years old. Such special memories make me smile inside and out.  I'm so thankful for each of them and what they represent. 

Freebies … 


      Print and Cursive 

 Basic info on Calusa Indians of SWFL :               Part 1                          Part 2 

  Alphabet Flashcards with animals: 
     Aa - Ff                                 Ss - Xx
   Gg - Ll                                  Yy- Zz       

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