Friday, December 7, 2012

Our homeschool week - Manger, Mantis and ancient Man

In my life this week…

The world's ugliest tree was rescued from certain death- 

Huston - we have liftoff! The tree is standing straight - day 3 of wrestling this thing & I'm about to win!!! #findingjoy #Christmas #hsmommas

I was told by my husband that this tree could not be repaired
 - so I became the queen of duct tape (determined is what I call it
 - Mark says stubborn)   

 po-tAe-do / po- ta-do 

I win. I mean - I managed to salvage it! 

Duct tape QUEEN - now - if it will only hold the lights & ornaments -8ft tree salvaged #Christmas #hsmommas #hsbloggers

In our homeschool this week…

Clockwise beginning in top right corner - Studying animals who defy evolution, 
Swimming Creatures from Apologia, Print and cursive bible verse copywork, 
Advent study - reading God's word. 

See our Wildlife Wednesday posts and join the group for free information, monthly prizes, 
and much more. Link up your nature posts old and new and they will be added to the 
Master Books - Wildlife Wednesday pinterest board! (get info here) 

M is for Mantis who prays - read that here    
M is for Manger - see picture above and free Silent Night printable below 
M is for Man - the ancient man and his intelligence 
M is for Miry Clay - Ps 40:2  - You brought me out of the pit of destruction, out of the
                                  miry clay,  you put my feet upon a rock, making my footsteps firm. 
              *although it may not seem like a Christmas verse - we are backing up to the reason
               He was born in the first place - He came so that we might live - He came to cleanse
               us and set our feet upon the rock. 

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

@Masterbooks4u "The Genius of Ancient Man"I read aloud- boys paint Stonehenge, pyramids, towerBabel & stars=intelligent ancient man #Teachthetruth  @newleafpublishing Intelligence of Ancient Man-L-R clockwise =Tower Babel 2242 BC, 3874 BC Seth Agriculture & tools, 2000 BC Great Pyramids, more ancient tools #homeschool #teachthetruth
Adapt your homeschool to fit your needs. I am reading the Genius of Ancient Man aloud and although it is a bit advanced for my younger ones - they are understanding much of it because we have added this project pictured above. While I read - they are sketching and painting examples we discussed from the books historical timeline such as the tower of Babel, Great Pyramids, Stonehenge, and more - all examples of ancient cultures religions, organized government and architecture - ancient man's intelligence. They may not understand every word I read - but they understand the basics, will remember this project, and we are laying a foundation of truth in their lives. It's a wonderful resource! 

I am careful to teach them that many of the cultures had pagan roots and rituals - I have the 
ability to pic and choose how much of that I share with my children. The important thing is for 
them to understand why we choose to believe in Creation and that the bible is our ultimate 
go-to, the foundation of our faith. 

My favorite thing this week was…

Showing my husband the tree of course! (it's important to find everyday ways to play with your spouse - a little friendly competition is fun for us) 

The moments pictured in our weekly wrap-ups are many of my favorite moments - finding joy

in the everyday 

We're cooking…

Florida Snowman Cookies  recipe on link for our Kids in the Kitchen post 

I’m grateful for…

*Our ladies bible study group on Monday nights (IRL) and the volunteers who take care of the kiddos and teach them about Jesus during that time -  *Resources for our homeschool 
*The REAL gift of the season - *Friends who support and love -* husband who puts his family 
first and is a godly example for our boys - *wonderful homeschool companies such as Apologia, Master Books, and GeoMatters who are generous and supportive in the homeschool community - *grateful for reading improvement in little ones 

We're reading …

We've been reading aloud in our #homeschool this week from @Masterbooks4u

 exploring and learning about the intelligence of ancient man and our Creator

Also reading Swimming Creatures from Apologia for science (see whale pic above) 
And Geography through Art from Geo Matters 

Freebies …

"And in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; because thou hast obeyed my voice." #shereadstruth #Advent #Christianity                       

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