Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas shopping much? A few deals that make me giddy

  I don't make a habit of blogging about sales - unless they are educational in nature. But, it's Christmas time and I know there are a lot of people out there (like me) who need to stretch a dollar these days - so, I found these that make me a little giddy and thought you should know about them. 

It's my goal to keep our focus where it is supposed to be - always on Jesus. We do celebrate Christmas, but I work to find deals and be a good steward of the blessings God has provided for us. How bout you? 

Do you have a good money saving tip to share with us? Leave it in the comments and happy shopping - remember - your children may cherish the memory of making those cookies with you and singing Christmas carols much more than receiving an abundance of "stuff". 

 Fabulous deals from my Eversave affiliates

On-the-go gift idea: $5 for an Apple-inspired MP3 player
Offer expires: 11:59 PM - Dec 12, 2012

      Bonus Save: All 4 Cellular - Tablet

$79 for a seven-inch, brand new, touchscreen Android tablet + free shipping! Order by 12/10 to guarantee holiday delivery

For your special picture captures - great gift: 


      Bonus Save: Aspen Picture Company

$50 for a 16 x 20 wood photo canvas + free shipping!


     Bonus Save: Zoobooks - Story Collections

$25 for Zoobooks educational books and activity sets — choose from four collections

     Bonus Save: Strategic Media - Ranger Rick

$10 for a one-year subscription to Ranger Rick or Ranger Rick Jr

      Bonus Save: Identity Direct Limited

Perfect Present: $25 for three personalized Disney, Nickelodeon, Marvel or more story books

Merry Christmas - I pray God blesses you and yours this season and you get plenty of time 
to share with those you love! 

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