Friday, December 21, 2012

Our Homeschool Weekly Wrap - All about the O

In my life this week. . . 
Playing Sequence with Mama cause he went bankrupt in the Monopoly marathon #hsmommas #instachristmas #mobsocietyMonopoly marathon between brothers #mobsociety #instachristmas #hsmommas

Giving away hardcover book - Chess is Child's Play here
Learning about giving to Others here 

In our homeschool this week…

Oo is for Ostrich #homeschool Art/Animal study #hsmommasOo is for Octopus -blogging thru the alphabet w @marcyky  @Benandme #hsmommas #Homeschool
#homeschool art by our little artist #hsmommasThe artist at work - Christmas movies & art time #homeschool

Letter of the week this week - Oo is for Otter, Octopus, Ostrich and Orangutan 
See more below under "Reading, Learning and Exploring" 

O is for serving "Others" - making cookies for sweet neighbors 
Making cookies for others (to be delivered tomorrow) #instachristmas #itsaboutgiving 

O is for - Obedience - we are using the We Choose Virtues
 program in our family to teach godly character traits (link below) - Get free printable under FREEBIES

Free O words for spelling, vocabulary and extra bible lesson to demonstrate obedient vs. obdurate 

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

You may notice in the photo's above - some of our homeschool takes place in bed. 
If you are homeschooling with chronic illness - there will be days when "normal" school is 
simply not possible. You have to give yourself permission to make adjustments which fit 
your family. Can't make it to the table for school time? Cuddle up together and draw the 
animals you are studying about and read together.  There will be good days and bad days 
in any homeschool - making the most out of each day and finding joy in the midst of trials
(including chronic pain or illness) IS possible with God's help and a good attitude. 

O is for . . .  obviate  (avoid stressing over the situation, or guilt, by having a plan) 

We are reading learning and exploring …

Our #homeschool this week - Oo themed topics #Edchat

We are using our Indian Tribes of North America coloring book ($3.99) to learn a bit about the original 

Americans. It gives a picture and information including location and dates of each group. 

This week - Osage Indians and the Ottawa 

in keeping with our "Oo" letter of the week 

themed learning. 

Ottawa are from Ontario and Michigan, some were sent to Oklahoma by the US government 

years ago. See FREE mini unit study below. 

#ReadLearnExplore In our #homeschool this week O is for . . . letter of the week with Marcy @benandmeblog 

How to draw 101 Animals - ($4.99)we are having fun  with this book - it's so simple, even I am able to  draw animals that begin with the letter of the week - then we look them up in our World of Animals  book from Master Books  to learn how they are classified, what they eat, and where they live. 


We're cooking…

We made homemade pizza together in our kitchen this week for dinner one night, steak and home fries one night, and Christmas cookies for the neighbors. 

Friday night menu: Okra (fried of course) 

Favorite moments this week 

Game night with @dazeofadventure #homeschool friends #playinvitation

We visited with our friends ( +jenn perry ) last Friday evening - the kids played and laughed so hard - I loved hearing their giggles. It's always a favorite thing. 

These kids are "Oh so funny" 

We've played loads of games this week - 
that is always a favorite family pass time 

Another favorite this week-  O is for Ornaments of Ornithology ! 
Ornithology Ornaments - letter of the week =Oo #homeschoolO is for "ornaments of ornithology" - blogging thru the alphabet w @marcyky @benandmeblog

Freebies … 

Ottawa Indian Lesson PDF with Link 
Obedience - Psalm 119:34 - print and cursive 
O' little town of Bethlehem- free Nativity video 
Friend and Heroes : 

Over the Ocean - Magnificent Frigate defies evolution 
Free Unit Study includes math, bible, science and more. 

Be sure to link up your nature and wildlife study posts here on Wildlife Wednesday 

*Disclosure- There are affiliate links in this post - I will make a profit if you purchase using them - thanking you in advance!

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