Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What does biblical giving look like today? What can we do?

Matthew 25:45
 "He will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.'

We participate each year in helping local children by stuffing stockings full of toys with our local homeschool group. It's a wonderful way to teach our boys to think of others instead of themselves (especially, this time of year). 
We have spent time buying toys and clothing for children who need them.

Photo: Thank you Elves. Great job! Merry Christmas. 80 stockings filled and delivered to the Salvation Army. Thank you. But, is it enough? 

The local children certainly need to enjoy a toy or two for Christmas. I'm glad we have participated and believe it is a worthwhile cause, but there are needs that go far beyond a few items in a Christmas stocking. 

Last year was the first year we got involved with Compassion. Although our budget is limited, we are a self employed family and we are making huge sacrifices so that I can stay home to school our children, we felt the call to do more. 

(photo credit Marilyn Moss Whitten who organized the homeschool project) 

As gifts for family members, we purchased chickens for families. Yes, chickens. 
Turned out, my mother was far more moved by the gesture of providing for a Compassion child than by yet another pair of earrings. We made hand made cards letting our family members know that a gift in their honor had been made to Compassion providing much needed support to children and families in need. 

help-a-malnourished-child-survive-through-emergency-feeding-255x360.jpgA gift of just $13 can help a malnourished child receive emergency feeding. 
I may even print a few pictures from the Compassion web site to insert into the cards this year. Looking at those eyes and a full plate of food is about as heart warming as it gets. 

A baby and mother can be fed for a mere $14. Or, you can opt to feed them for 6 months with a gift of $84, a year of food and nutrition for $168 for both mother and baby. 

The medical needs of a baby can be met at $55 for an entire year. Most Americans spend more than that on the family Christmas tree each year. 

Even a gift of $4 can treat a child for parasites - a very real danger for those living in less than sanitary conditions. There are gifts available - which you can specify and gift in the name of a loved one - in every imaginable price range. 

HIV-test-150x150.jpgAs we go about our busy schedules, taking care of kids, balancing life and the Christmas season, making sure all the bases are covered - let's remember to be grateful for the clean water coming out of the faucet today, for the light bulb that comes on when we flip the switch, the medicine we distribute before the hot meal we feed the family.

 As we put the final touches on our Christmas list this year, perhaps we can find a way to reach across the miles and change the life of a child today. 

safe-water-150x150.jpgThe Compassion catalog is the perfect place to start. You can be certain your money truly goes to provide for the Compassion children. 

Learn more about giving with Compassion here

My goal is to raise a mere $100 
I am asking for 10 of my readers to give just $10 
Or 5 people to donate $20 to the gift of their choice from Compassion. Perhaps there is someone reading who is looking for the perfect $100 gift to give Aunt Millie, who has everything. If you are one of the readers who plan to do this - please let me know - either in the comments below or in a private message. Our efforts will go a long way with this program! 

Please use this link to donate and make a real difference in the life of a child. 

~Merry Christmas! 

Counting #1000 Gifts I'm grateful for today: *clean water, hot food, Christmas tree, washing machine, fresh food, medicine, soap, shampoo, family, healthy children 

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