Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wildlife Wednesday - Magnificent Frigate - an Epic Evolutionary Failure

The Magnificent Frigate is a grade A specimen of a bird, but an absolute FAIL for the evolutionary process. 

We got up close and personal with the Magnificent Frigate Bird  a.k.a. "Man 'O War" back in September. These birds only come in to roost during mating season and in cases of really big storms. The one in the bottom left corner is a male. You can just make out the red on his throat.  There are so many interesting facts about the frigate.

We measured & marked  the 6 - 8 ft wingspan of the Frigate #swfl #homeschool #hsbloggers  #homeschool Math today looks a little bit like this! Did u know the wingspan of the Frigatebird is 6-8 Feet? #nature #swfl #unitstudy

The wingspan of the Frigate is a massive 6 - 8 feet long! They swoop down from the air and grab food without ever getting their wings wet. We were interested to learn more about these beautiful animals, and so, I created a unit study for us to use. 

See the Freebies at the end to download your own free unit study - we used various maps for each age, including the Atlas,  a sticker world map, and a puzzle world map - all to locate the oceans where you will find Frigatebirds!

My little artist with his Frigatebird art #unitstudy #free #homeschool #hsbloggers#nature unit study- Free fr Adventurez -on the blog Friday #homeschool Bible, Geog, Science, Math & more #hsbloggers
Frigatebird habitat #geography #science #homeschoolNew Unit study on Frigatebirds - goes perfectly w our @ApologiaScience #homeschool #hsbloggers

Genesis 1: 20
20 And God said, “Let the water teem with living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the vault of the sky.”

. . . And boy does the Frigate bird ever fly above the earth, as a matter of fact, they almost never stop flying. Night and day they  glide, swoop, and fly across the waters of the ocean. 

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