Thursday, January 3, 2013

Homeschool - Letter of the week = Pp

In our life this week. . . 

We enjoyed a little family party for New Year's Eve. We went to the beach for the last 
sunset of 2012 and the boys issued in 2013 with sparklers and excitement. 

In our homeschool . . . 

Letter of the week - Pp 
     We used our World of Animals book from Master Books to find animals that begin 
with the letter Pp - How do fleas, lice, and ticks fit in? Why, they are Parasites, of course. 
The boys drew various animals and wrote special information about them in handmade 
books while I read out loud. We discussed interesting facts about each one. 

We used the new bug maker to create several parasites and a couple of predators. 

Pp is our letter of the week @Benandmeblog #Homeschool #hsbloggersLetter of the week is Pp -Marcy @benandmeblog -we be makin bugs! Parasites & Predators #homeschool

Our bible verse of the week, as always, was used for handwriting - cursive for the 6th 
grader and print for the other two in their spiral notebooks. We read about Perseverance
from our We Choose Virtues cards and information. Bible verse Psalms 100:4 

We found Pennsylvania and Poland on the map. We are studying Pennsylvania with 
our Paul Revere profile from Geo Matters - Profiles from History. Of course, as we 
read about his involvement with tea - we had to have some for our school snack! 

We have been learning about various countries all around Europe this year. We color
 it on the map, discuss culture and basic information, color a flag and cook food from
each region to help us connect and remember what we are learning. This week, we
made our own version of the Polish folk art of papercutting, with directions from our
Geography through Art book by GeoMatters: 

The time spent in the kitchen stirring and chopping, leaves for plenty of opportunity to 
review what we've read about each country and why a particular food is popular there. 
Two great resources we use consistently for these projects are: 
Passport to the World and also Eat Your Way Around the World  

We're cooking . . . 
Pennsylvania Dutch cooking - making 4 meals out of 1 chicken - see our 
Frugal Family 2013 - new link up series for recipes to save money. We use 
cooking as part of our homeschool each week. You can download the free Kindle
book Pennsylvania Dutch cooking at the bottom of this post. 

         #kidsinthekitchen Tip: little helpers can cut with table knives & supervision -pull chicken from the bone & be a taste tester for new #recipes    1 chicken - 4 meals Coming up on Tues #kidsinthekitchen #recipes -link up & share with us!

Read, Explore, Learn . . . 


We had plans to go and get fresh oysters (we LOVE to head out to the oyster
beds and gather fresh oysters) but, there is red tide in the area so it isn't 
safe to eat them right now! We talked about our previous experiences and 
drew pictures of Pearlie the amazing oyster. 
Our plan is to make our own Pearlie out of shells and clay on Friday! We will 
go for a nature walk and explore an oyster bed near shore to examine the 
habitat of some of our local oysters. 

Freebies . . . 
(these book were all free for your Kindle or computer this week
 - they are subject to change on Amazon ) 

Product DetailsProduct Details

Product DetailsProduct Details

Thank you Marcy Crabtree for sharing this Freebie: Much Ado About Puffins

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k balman said...

Yum Dutchy cooking thats what I grew up know I'm orginally from PA right?

k balman said...

Yum Dutchy cooking thats what I grew up know I'm orginally from PA right?