Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Kids in the Kitchen - Link up 47 - Stone soup

I team up with Carrie @YoungLivingOilLady 
each week to bring you this Kids in the Kitchen link up. 

We use Cooking 101 as an important part of our homeschool and family life. 

It not only provides good family time, but also teaches important skills which last a lifetime. Kitchen time offers kinesthetic learning in science, and math. It makes the study of history and geography more interesting as we cook food from around the world. 

This week we are incorporating a special book into our kitchen and cooking time: 

Stone Soup by Jon J Muth is a story about three traveling monks in China who came upon an old village.  Famine, flood, and war had left villagers weary of strangers and even each other. The photo's include the Great Wall and other traditional Chinese icons. 

The original 1947 story of Stone Soup by Marcia Brown was set in a French village with traveling soldiers who also came upon a village where the people were less than hospitable. 

In both versions - the witty travelers outsmart the villagers by making a big ta-do over cooking up a big pot of stone soup for the entire village to enjoy together. 

Our version - YES, we used a real stone (top left picture below) One big pot of water, one stone, and leftover chicken. We used a tbs of Coconut oil, garlic powder, sea salt, and red pepper flakes to flavor the broth. By putting the spices into small bowls I have the ability to add the amount I want & then allow the boys to add it to the pot without fear of overdose!  

After boiling the chicken - set it out on a plate to cool - we removed the stone at the same time as the chicken with a slotted spoon - then pull chicken from the bones. We saved the bones to boil again for more broth and to make another dish. Children can help by cutting carrots, rolling out crescent rolls, pulling chicken off the bone (once cooled), cutting potato's and even taste testing. We also added corn to the mix. 

While we worked, we told and discussed the story and it's meaning. (The whole town ends up contributing to the soup and they all become closer for having pulled together as a team) 

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