Thursday, January 10, 2013

Qq - Letter of the week - wrap up

In our life this week. . . 

I'm speaking next week for the Ultimate Homeschool Creation Expo with Media Angels! 
January 15 - 17 - I am preparing wonderful things to share with you all - to encourage, support,
and to inspire you as you Explore God's Creation with your homeschool family. I am giving 
away 5 tickets! Check out the post on Saturday, Jan 13 and enter to win yours! 

In our homeschool . . . 

         Letter of the week: Qq is for Quench, Quail, Quack . . . and more- free printables
               (Letter of the week -  with Marcy @Ben and Me 

We always begin with the Word, and I plan our week around the letter of the week 
This week, we learned 1 Thess. 5:19 - the boys write the verse in their journals and did
some worksheets I made up (sharing with you below under Freebies)  

The boys did other math as well (I'm doing individual mid year reviews) They also spent time
learning and discussing Quarters - counting money, dividing pizza, and cutting oranges

We have also read about John Quincy Adams from our GeoMatters books

We did some fun science with National Geographics on the Humbold SQuid 
(I realize that is cheating on the Q words - but, a Momma's gotta do what she's gotta do) 

Daddy brought home a REALLY cool crab we haven't seen before & stone crab for dinner!  

We're cooking . . .

Stone Crab - my favorite!                                          Easy Chicken Enchilada's 

My dinner tonight - Fresh Gulf Stone Crab #donthateme  Enchilada's #family style #kidsinthekitchen #recipes

Read, Explore, Learn . . . 

A is for Adam from Master Books - is our current devotional - this week Qq 
We study a bit at a time and discuss the devotions in detail 

Freebies . . . 

From Adventurez:                                From Smart Tutor

Qq is for quench                                    Printable FLAG flash cards 

Qq is for quack vocabulary                  Free Math Games

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