Friday, January 11, 2013

Ultimate Homeschool - Creation Expo - Giveaway

Special Announcement . . . 

I'll be speaking on the topic of Creation Adventures  - instilling a love of learning in your children by getting them out to investigate His masterpiece - up close and personal!

I'll be sharing how you can: 
  • use nature to inspire an interest in learning 
  • use the bible as the foundation for teaching science in your homeschool 
  • help your children learn to think for themselves and look for truth in science
  • get out and explore Creation with the family, even if you haven't previously considered       yourself to be an "outdoorsy" person 
  • help your children recognize the fingerprints of the designer by exploring His masterpiece
Hear from homeschool and creation experts: 

Sherri Seligson - Apologia                          Pastor Mike Curtis -

 Lorrie Flem                                                     Dr. Jay Wile -  

Eric Hovind - CreationToday.Org,                   Meredith Curtis -

Hear from these great speakers on the latest in Creation news, homeschool methodology, 
godly womanhood, and much more! Be encouraged, be renewed, and put God first in your 
home. The Creation Expo can help breathe new life into your homeschool studies!

The Ultimate Homeschool and Creation Expo from Media Angels is the homeschool communities premier Christian online convention! 

Enter to win one of 5 tickets below: 

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