Thursday, January 24, 2013

Today's FREE books for your family & homeschool

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No Exit - Apple Grove Gang             A devotional for 9-12 yr olds                   For 10 and Up

 Product Details                       Product Details               Product Details
Fun facts and action packed                        Ages 4 - 8                                    For young ones

The books I choose each day have the highest ratings of the free books available each day - 
Although I do not have time to pre-read each one for you - I try to be careful about what I choose 
If you find material that is offensive - please do let me know, as I wouldn't post them on purpose. 
They are not all Christian books- but should be family friendly. If you make a purchase on Amazon while using my link - I am paid a small profit which we use to support our family. 
Thanking you in advance! Happy Reading! 

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