Friday, January 25, 2013

Our weekly wrap up - Letter of the week S

We have had a busy sort of week - here's some of the highlights

In our life this week . . . 

In our homeschool this week . . . 

                     S is our Letter of the week - In poetry: 
                            We read about the Chippewa Song and the poem Sympathy about the 
                            caged bird who sings. We read them aloud and then discuss the meaning
                            The younger boys then do an art project/ drawing to represent it. 
                      In American history - we continue to study the effects of the Industrial Revolution
                         This week - it conveniently led us to S for Socialism.  We are working our way 
                         through What Your Sixth Grader needs to know - The younger ones listen and 
                         participate - it's amazing what they understand and retain in a relaxed setting. 

S is for sewing - we made a couple of fun projects this week - Spence did the money holder/ 
wallet all by himself and even cut a button hole and added a button. We cut up an old pair of jeans to make Teddy some overalls. 

S is for State of Nature - Songwriters - Style in Art and Seizure of Government :

The Romantic Period included changes in Art, Music, culture, and thinking in general - a revolution in more ways than one. Art was bolder and more emotional. 

In World History - we read about 
how Napoleon Seized the French 
government - naming himself as 
First Consul and eventually as 
Emperor of France, before being 
exiled to Corsica (where he was born) It co-insides with the changes going on in the culture.
Geography included France and Spain this week. 

               S is for . . . math too -  Square roots and soccer word problems 

Square rootsSOCCER math

Places we are going . . . 
                  S is for Soccer 

Our science studies include S is for Sea horse, Sea Turtles and the Sea floor 
we also reviewed the Solar System and read about Stars - We use
Apologia Swimming Creatures  for our science studies along with the 6th grade text. 

Sea horseStar

These are a few of our favorite things . . . . landing #1 this week for faves: 

S is for salts - my homemade bath salts, that is! Get the simple recipe here
I am especially thankful for my big bath tub and homemade salts that soothe! 
(we had fun with Ss this week

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