Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wildlife Wednesday - The Gopher Tortoise

Did you know the gopher tortoise can live to be over 100 years old; or that they dig burrows which house some 300 different species of animal? 

The burrow of the gopher tortoise has been recorded to be 50 feet long! The average size is between 15 - 30 feet long at about 6 feet deep. 

God created these special "landlords" of the wild for a special purpose, just as He did every living creature. 

Come learn more about these amazing animals on Creation Conversations - Wildlife Wednesday   group and download free printable coloring pages of the gopher tortoise and it's amazing burrow. 

Creation Conversations provides free information, valuable to any family and homeschool about all God's Creation. There are free resources available as well as special giveaways each month. 

 I'm joining Kathy Balman of Kathy's Cluttered Mind  and Master Books/ Creation Conversations   to provide you with this Creation information for your family and your homeschool each week. Join the free Wildlife Wednesday group to learn more about sharing God's creation with your family. 

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