Thursday, February 21, 2013

EEME - Project Genius Light - Review and Giveaway

EEME update! 

Get your first month FREE when you sign up for the electronics classes. You receive the base project (see our review below) and a new project each month with online curriculum to walk you through each step.

Although the giveaway is over, you can still get your first month's project and curriculum FREE! Get the full details here. 

Our experience: 

I was impressed when the box arrived. Quality packaging with clear instructions promised we were in for a good experience with our new EEME project. Everything we needed was there. We had a battery box, a bread board, resistors, and LED light, wires, and sensor. 

The boys were excited; I began to panic. 

I don't do wires. My kids still have to program the remote and help when I go from Netflix to, well, anything. Electronics have pretty much baffled me from the get-go.

 I logged into the web site and was relieved to find a series of videos to talk us through the project. EEME's hands - on projects are paired with online curricula to guide the kids in assembling the project and also to teach the concepts applied. 

One after the other, the boys watched the simple, easy to follow instructions on the screen and didn't have any trouble following along and putting the Genius Light together.

 My 11 year old understood every part of it and needed no assistance in building his light box kit. The 7 and 8 year olds understood MOST of the videos. With a little review, and a minimal amount of help, they were able to grasp the electronic concepts. 

They have a love for robotics, so this was the perfect educational kit for them and  is a terrific STEM project. 

The online curricula provided clear cut explanation of the basics in electronics. The way the videos are set up, it is easy to stop and review the concepts. (OK, I was the only one who needed that, but I was glad it was available for those like me, who are not electronically inclined) Moms, this is one electronic experience you need not fear. If I can do it, anyone can. 

Upon completion my oldest proclaimed, "It WORKS. I'm officially a gadget geek!" 
They were all proud of their accomplishment and excited to share it with daddy, who was also thoroughly impressed with the Project Genius Light. 

Making learning fun is the best way to inspire your children,
 and EEME certainly does that, with finesse! 

Great for ages 7 and up - $50 value 

Now, I have good news, better news and the best news! 

The good news is . . . everyone has access to the FREE online curricula found here. 
Just sign up and log in to view the videos and learn these concepts. 

The better news is . . . my readers can purchase Project Genius Light for a 50% discount.
The cost is only $25 if you email:  with AdventurezinChildRearing promo in the subject line requesting your discount. 

The best news is . . . one of my readers will get a FREE Project Genius Light! Enter with the Rafflecopter below: 

*This Giveaway is Over - please see update at the top 

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