Friday, February 22, 2013

Inspired to Learn - Our homeschool week

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Our Letter of the week . . . . 
We link up with our friend Marcy @Ben and Me  each week - This week: Ww is for -

Whole lotta fun! What a good time! Wonderful inspired learning! 

In my life this week . . . . 

Last Friday we were still on the road. Ww is for Wanderlust and Wigwams 
We explored the Collier County History Museum and learned about the Seminole Indians 
and the Calusa Indians who called our area home many moons ago. 

In our homeschool this week . . . . 

The boys were excited to work on the Project Genius Light. They watched with Wonderment
as they followed the educational videos and built a light that really worked!
I'm giving one away here - W is for Win - I also have a big fat discount code available for my readers to purchase the STEM project at 1/2 off - cause y'all are special! 

Colossians 3:23 Verse of the week- #letteroftheweek is Ww for "Whatsoever you do" #HSttd #homeschool #Hsbloggers   Ww is for "workshop" -as in @LegoEducation Story builder lesson by big brother! #beechrt #homeschool #inspired2learn

W is for "Whatsoever you do" - our bible verse this week from Colossians 3:23 
The boys each have spiraled notebooks where they copy, write, record their verses each week.

W is for Workshop - creative writing story board workshop from +LEGO  Education. 
The boys used Lego's to set up several scenes and tell a story. Big brother read the instructions and each boy made up their own little story to perform for me. 

W is for World Geography, Ww words worksheet, Whales,
and Writing: an interview with Aliens

W is for Who is God? we continue our @Apologia study about building a strong foundation
Spence made a W from clay and Walker made a Whale from blocks while we read aloud from 
our Apologia Swimming Creatures book - this weeks study - Whales, of course.

Our #homeschool weekly wrap-up on AdventureZ tomorrow  #letteroftheweek Ww is for Whales & Who is God? @Apologia #homeschool #hsttd #hsbloggers

Reading, Learning, Exploring . . . . . 

Whale Sharks & White Sharks go with our Ww #letteroftheweek studies #HSwildlife #mbinstagrammies   Finishing up our whale study - reinforcing what we've learned #dyslexia #HSwildlife #mbinstagrammies

more reading - Whale Sharks, White Sharks 
Interesting book full of fun information - The Truth About Great White Sharks 
Did you know that Great White's can grow to be 19 - 21 feet long? Pull out a measuring tape
and have the kids stretch it out - mark it off as you go. It's amazing when you see it up close.

What we do . . . 
We reinforce the learning with my youngest son, who is dyslexic, by having him stamp 
out certain words from the books we read. It's helping him remember the letters, the sounds 
they make, and words he is reading. It's working. He IS reading! 

FREE info for struggling readers:  If you, or someone you know needs help and encouragement for a struggling reader, check out Dr Linda's blog here.
You'll want to be sure to download the free Phonics checklist here. There you will find access to a free dyslexia tool kit and much more. 
There are tons of resources available at Strong - for all students as well as those who are struggling. Dr Linda's blog.  Strong Learning is all about inspired learning. Anyone who has been reading here for long knows - it's what we love to do. 

Reading, Exploring, Learning . . . . 
Ww is for Wildlife in the Everglades #HSwildlife #mbinstagrammies  W is for wildlife studies #Homeschool #hswildlife

We are reading about Wildlife and learning and exploring what we read!
Uncover a Crocodile Our trip to the Everglades (with Marcy and Ben and Mr.Tom ) provided an exciting opportunity to get up close and personal with one of the world's scariest creatures. Field trips are a great way to inspire learning. The boys are much more eager to read and write about creatures they have seen first hand. We have alligators in the back yard in Southwest FL, but these were amazing. The boys are still excited and talking about it. They want to know more about the creatures they come in contact with (not full contact - of course). 

We're cooking . . . . . 

Daddy's birthday this week was celebrated with homemade lasagna and cake. It's easy to inspire learning in the kitchen with a little kitchen math. Measuring, calculating and reading recipes are a fun way for the family to sneak in a little extra math and reading. 

Daddy's birthday lasagna! #kidsinthekitchen #recipes  A late Valentines celebration for the Becton Family this week - then Daddy wants a Coca Cola Cake this weekend #letthemeatcake

I hope you've enjoyed a peak at our Favorite things this week and I pray it inspires you to dig in to have some fun with inspired learning techniques. I'd love to hear some of your ideas on inspired learning. 

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I am always encouaged and inspired by your post. I learn so much and gain so many new ideas. Thanks for sharing!