Friday, February 8, 2013

Homeschool Freebies and a look at our family homeschool week

This week - our weekly wrap up, homeschool journal, letter of the week, what we are reading, favorite pictures, collage post is going to have to be fast and furious. You see, we have a day full of Nerf guns and homeschool friends at the park, planned for Friday. The boys are excited and have all their camo and ammo ready to roll! 

I hope these things give you a quick look at our week and if I can answer any questions about the resources we use or the way I plan our homeschool week - as always - please let me know! 

In our homeschool this week….

U is for Urchin: 

In keeping with our "letter of the week" style - inspired by Marcy @Ben and Me
We are taking a close look at the sea urchin. We have info from Master Books 
World of Animals and from Apologia's Swimming Creatures  

Go here for FREE online information to learn about the urchin

U is for Universe: 

Read Explore Learn ….

studying with Master Books from World of Science 

Read about the 4 forces of the universe here online for FREE
We experimented with Newton's first law of motion (involving gravity) which states basically that "an object at rest, tends to stay at rest; where as an object in motion, tends to stay in motion unless it is stopped by an outside force" 

U is for Unruly kids (kidding) the Chemistry class we attended this week was great fun and the kids were NOT unruly - but I needed a U word and that one is fun! Great kids, great group- we will be going back for sure! Unruly fun - there we go.

See a free demonstration of inertia with an easy experiment you can do at home here
See an egg drop, like we did, for free here

U is for Unwavering Faith: 

studying Who is God? from Apologia  - a biblical worldview training for kids 

studying nutrition and planting vegetables with Dole Foods (from BEECH Retreat) 

we made 1 minute playdough from Creative Playhouse: recipe here
He thought the little pretend treats were great and he may be wearing an apron - 
but he is still all boy. He preferred making a bat, which he said, 
"Is pink because of sucking blood." Nice, right! 

Have a wonderful weekend! We have a Nerf battle to attend, pizza and movie night, 
3 soccer games on Saturday, and church on Sunday before we get ready for a visit 
from some sweet bloggy friends. Cannot wait to see my friend Hyacynth and her 
sweetie's again. Next week - we have a special field trip planned with Marcy and Ben
Oh happy (almost) Spring! 

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