Thursday, February 28, 2013

Our Homeschool - Lego Math Freebie

Our favorite moments - Letter of the week . . . Xx 
We are reading learning and exploring . . . Xx 

In my life this week . . . X-treme laundry 

We have been sick this week. Everyone. So, my husband helped with laundry. Thanks honey.
He really is sweet to help and I'm not seriously complaining, I just think I'm funny. I found Mount Laundry a little intimidating, but with a bit of encouragement from some friends on facebook  (thank you ladies)I dove in and tackled it. Community is great.

Places we're going and people we're seeing . . . X-traordinary soccer players with Upward

Go Wildcats! Walker & T are on the move #upward #soccer #outdoors #sportsGo Spence Go! 10/4 for the win! (it's not the score that matters) But it's 10 for the win #Whoot #soccer #outdoors

Before the boys got sick - we enjoyed 3 soccer games on Saturday!

In our homeschool this week . . . X-tra fun 

Enjoying our @PickandDraw game today - fun way to encourage creativity & story tellingOur little artist - finishing up Captain Daddy's bday book #homeschool #learninglifestyle

We took it pretty easy so we could heal quickly - but we still did reading and math each day - we did Bible time, handwriting (our bible verse), Swimming Creatures from Apologia, and art with Pic-and-draw game (which we use for creative writing and story telling), we did Lego stories too ( I don't have pictures), and pursued personal interests - Parker had computer time, Spencer did art in his own book, and Walker designed a new gun (I'm not even kidding). 

We're cooking . . . X-emplary  lasagna by my X-emplary little chefs 

Lasagna for Daddy's birthday - link up with Kids in the Kitchen - recipe linky

We're reading learning exploring  . . . Xploring Xerxes 

What your 6th grader Needs to Know - Studies of Greece and Xerxes led to discussions about our own government and we were inspired to watch a Disney movie called The Prince of Persia - It's a fictional tale, but the costumes and scenery, even the animals and fighting were reminiscent of the days of Xerxes and the Persian Wars. We were sick, it was perfect. 

Freebies . . . X-cel in Math with Lego Addition 

Although we didn't   X-ert  ourselves this week - I did manage to make y'all this fun Lego sheet - the boys enjoyed it, so I figured you might also. Please share and Pin to spread the word! Thanks- 

Freebie Lego printable on AdventureZ tomorrow #homeschool #legos

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