Thursday, March 28, 2013

Our Homeschool Week - AdventureZ on the road

Letter of the week . . . B
We are joining Marcy +Ben and Me  for her Blogging through the alphabet series - we plan our homeschool week around the letter of the week.  The boys are now helping to find ways to incorporate new words for our theme - it's become a family project. Jump in and join along as we make our way through the alphabet.

B is for Blooms - the yellow is Bear Foot 
We read about the wildflowers in FL Caverns State Park and then went on a hike to find them 
Wild lilies, periwinkle, bears foot, and trillium. 

In my life this week. . . B is for Believe 
At the Apologia Real Refreshment Retreat we heard from Heidi St. John who eloquently, gently and with a gracious sense of humor - encouraged us in the Word. If you have not been to a Real Refreshment Retreat - I highly recommend it. I wrote about it here. 

I will have the privilege of hearing from Heidi again (along with many other great speakers) at Teach Them Diligently, in May. If you don't have your tickets yet, you can get them through my affiliate link here. We will be heading to TN. The conference was fantastic last year and I have had a behind the scenes look at what to expect this year - don't miss it! It's a powerful thing having a strong group of believers under the same roof for this type of unique homeschool experience. Amazing.

People we are seeing . . . B is for Boys and Best Buddies -birds of a feather 
Time with family is the best - We love making cousin memories. I have special memories from my childhood filled with silly cousin antics. It does our hearts good to see our children enjoying that same family bond.

                    Cousins - Best Buddies   B is for . . . (Silly) best buds

In our homeschool this week . . . B is for Barns and Spring Blooms 
This is one of my favorite pictures from the week (scenery pics anyway) The people are always the most special - but I love the dreamy peaceful feeling this photo invokes. We pulled off the side of the road and I stood in a mud puddle to get it! 

As we left GA heading into Alabama - we hit the back roads looking for adventure.

B is for Biography . . .  We came across the area where Franklin D. Roosevelt enjoyed spending time. We didn't have time to go all the way to the FDRoosevelt State Park  or to Roosevelt's Little White House  but we did get a look at why he loved the area in general. It opened up conversation for us about that time in history as well as how it related to our own family history. See a video about him here.  We will be watching it as a follow up to our adventure. 

B is for Bluff Trail . . . hiking at Florida Caverns 

We learned about the limestone bluffs in north Florida hands on by hiking the trails and through first hand observation.
 We read more about them inside the little museum at the park. 

We are reading, learning, exploring  - B is for Beneficial Bat . . .

Places we are going - B is for . . . Back roads of Alabama - We went from Southwest FL to Atlanta, GA to Eufaula, Alabama to Marianna, FL and then back home!
We loved the historic homes and National Wildlife Refuge in Eufaula - historic paddle boat, birds,
bugs and buds.

                    B is for Back roads of Alabama - from our road trip #AdventureZ #letteroftheweek  Marcy @benandme  Lake Eufaula National Wildlife Refuge #nature #outdoors #hswildlife #Alabama

B is for bare essentials and backwoods . . . it was a Bit chilly! 
We made it to North FL to camp at Arrowhead Campground. We decided it was a wee bit too cold to pitch our tent, so I spent an extra $20 to spring for a small cabin. Worth. Every. Penny. It smelled of Murphy's Oil Soap and had sweet little plaid curtains, a half bath and a space heater. Perfect with the bare essentials to keep us warm and cozy. 

I'm thankful - B is for Boys will be Boys . . . They got to run and play, fish with a cane pole and shoot into the pond with sling shots. We hiked and explored a cave.
We sat by the fire and talked long into the night.
Beautiful. Boisterous. Boys.

B is for . . . By the light of the moon, historic buildings (brick and mortar), more blooms, baby turtles and Bald cypress 

We read about the Battle of Marianna and then visited the Bold Civil War Monument honoring the men who fought there. 95 "old men and boys" stood their ground against 900 Union soldiers. It was one of the few Civil War Battles which took place in the State of Florida. 

                    By the light of the moon #camping #outdoors #AdventureZ   Buildings & blooms in historic Marianna, FL #homeschool #civilwarmonument #AdventureZ

                    B is for Baby Turtle #nature #hswildlife #homeschool   B is for Bald Cypress #camping #letteroftheweek #homeschool

B is for . . . "Behold the Lamb" - Free Bible verse printable here (both print and cursive)

Best of all - B is for . . . Bouncing Baby Boy 
We finally got to meet our new baby cousin - we love him so much! 

Be still my heart! 

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