Thursday, March 28, 2013

Frugal Family - Homeschooling at State Parks

In an effort to save money this year,  I'm joining my friends Marcy +Ben and Me  as well as Sam +Sam's Noggin  to bring you this weekly  link up full of tips for becoming a more Frugal Family. We will be sharing ideas to help you save money on groceries and meals, homeschool, crafts, and plenty of frugal DIY posts. We've made many sacrifices so that I can stay at home to teach the boys, and I've become pretty frugal in order to help make that possible and to keep it that way. It's become a challenge I truly enjoy, and one I enjoy sharing with you!

This Week:

I do some traveling as part of my job in social media. This past week, we took advantage of our trip to Atlanta and made a couple of stops along the way. By checking out various parks, I've been able to offer a variety of interesting topics for the boys to study.

Never underestimate the benefits of a good nature hike! We made use of the signage and information boards to learn about different plants that are native to the area. We learned about the history of the parks. 

The caves in Florida Caverns State Park were originally cleared out by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the great depression. The CCC were hired by F.D. Roosevelt (which also went along with our studies) for $1 a day. The men sent $25 per month home to their families and kept the other $5 each month for themselves. That was some serious frugal inspiration!

The fees to get into the parks we visit are minimal. Usually $5 per car load. The value we get out of spending time in the great outdoors, exploring creation and studying nature up close and personal is well worth the investment.

At FL Caverns - I spent $8 for my adult ticket and $5 each for the boys to tour the cave. Our tour guide turned out to be a homeschooler and a Christian. The boys learned about bats and all about caves. It was a great way to get them fired up about our geology studies and remind them about some of what we have studied in the past.

I use these adventures as a platform and as inspiration in our homeschool. We will take it a step further by watching a biography video on F.D. Roosevelt, reading about bats, and sketching the plants into our nature journals. We will use pictures and information gathered to further our geology studies. The boys are excited to dig into the information further.

For some great frugal family entertainment and homeschool enrichment - check out a state park!

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k balman said...

Not sure about FL but here in GA our library has state park parking that you can check out for 7 days. $5 isn't a lot but FREE is even better!