Sunday, March 24, 2013

Our homeschool week: A is for AdventureZ

We are beginning a new ABC blog series with Marcy @Ben and Me - it has inspired our homeschool to work around a letter of the week with them.
This week the letter is . . . A for AdventureZ 

In my life this week…

These two headed off into the yard to set traps to capture Big Foot. They are dead serious. This was the beginning of our AdventureZ . . . . 

We had plenty of down time to rest and relax. In order to avoid abiotrophy (degeneration; loss of physical vitality or ability) We recovered nicely from our trip and prepared to hit the road again . . . 

In our homeschool this week…

AdventureZ road school -  

We stopped at O'Leno State Park and saw a beautiful woodpecker - and learned about the history of the area. We took a nature walk . . . . . . . 

The old grist mill was interesting -
 we learned about the pioneer town of Leno 

AdventureZ with deer tracks . . . . 

AdventureZ in nature . . . . yes, that is a deadly coral snake (I used a zoom)
A is for Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh AAAAA snaaaaaaaaaaaake! 

                    Redheaded Woodpecker on #AdventureZ #outdoors from our #homeschool week   Scary Coral snake #outdoors on #AdventureZ tomorrow

We are still on the road enjoying our AdventureZ - the Real Refreshment Retreat was
Amazing - I will Absolutely be back for more - I look forward to hearing from some of
those same speakers in TN at the TTD convention (see my side bar - join us!)

A is for . . . "All we like sheep" Isaiah 53:6 - 

And we are off . . . getting back on the road for more AdventureZ - on the Agenda: A Cave Tour and
A river Kayaking Adventure! Are you enjoying some adventure this week? 

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