Monday, March 18, 2013

Preparing for new AdventureZ


Spring is in the air and as we relax and recover from recent adventurez
we look forward to the next leg of our "travel season"

We love our adventurez
We love getting out on the road to explore the world around us
We love getting in touch with nature and visiting friends, family, and museums.

Our last week was full of fun adventure 
with camping and swimming and much much more

We prepare to hit the road for a retreat for mom at RRR in Atlanta 
We plan adventurez for all along the way

But this weekend was a time for REST
it was a time to relax and replenish (and do laundry)
Quiet, lazy family time is what takes place between our wild adventurez
We read, watch movies (I mentioned laundry - right?)


For tomorrow - we are off on another adventure 
to see the world and live life to the fullest!

Hope to see you in Atlanta!


Movies, cuddles, writing, rest . . . 

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