Friday, April 5, 2013

Bible lesson printable - Cc is for . . .

I'm Joining the Ultimate Blog Party 2013 - This post should help you get to know who we are and how we go about our week in our family homeschool. We live in Southwest Florida near the beach. We enjoy exploring God's creation and seek to honor His with our life and our family. Our 3 boys keep us busy and keep life interesting. I blog to encourage others to love God and their families and to help homeschool families gain ideas and inspiration.

Our week . . . 
 I've been sick this week - so we had a pretty slow week. We enjoyed a quiet family Easter with an egg hunt in the back yard. The boys got tools and boy stuff in their buckets - so they were happy. Walker wore his new Easter shirt for all of 2.5 minutes before changing back into his camo gear. It was restful and happy family time.

Our Homeschool week . . . 
          Letter of the week - Cc is for . . . 

The boys made a simple lapbook from pictures cut out of my travel magazine. We read from the Encyclopedia (the real kind) and they looked up the Caribbean in the Children's Atlas. We read out loud about several countries and native customs throughout the Caribbean including the Carib Indians of South America whom the word cannibal comes from. We studied the Yucatan Channel, between Mexico and Cuba. We learned about various products shipped from the Caribbean countries, including coffee, sugar, petroleum and bananas. We discussed the pirates of the Caribbean who plundered cargo in the 1500's and 1600's.  We learned about explorer Cordova and Chichen Itza, Mayan ruins. 

                     Cc spelling words & map work #letteroftheweek #homeschoolFor Mom & Dad "I am a Fish" by Walker B #homeschool #creativewriting
We had spelling words beginning with Cc appropriate for each age - we labeled hand drawn maps with Caribbean countries and did some creative writing. 
Cc is for Carcharodon carcharias and Cardinals - online and from the encyclopedia. We did observe Cardinals in the yard this week also, but were to slow to get a picture. We tried. 

                     A bit of our science this week . . . #homeschool #letteroftheweek #hsmommas Cc is for Cardinal & that completes our #homeschool  week! #hsbloggers Free printable on AdventureZ blog today

We're cooking . . . 

The boys made us some Clam Chowder - Cc is also for Cutest Chef's! (Recipe on Tues for Kids in the Kitchen recipe link up - join us to link up your recipes - we will share them on Pinterest and beyond) 
I wasn't well enough to do Caribbean chicken- but we did get wings later in the week!

                    Computer time - learning about copyright #letteroftheweek #homeschool Thankful this little guy still wants to crawl in Mommy's bed & still cuddles Teddy #growsofast #mobsociety #boys
Cc is for . . . computer time learning about copyright and cherish the moment . . . they grow up fast! 
Cc is for . . . counting their loot! 

Cc is for Create in me a clean heart . . . 
 Free printable for you - bible verse and lesson about "Creating a clean heart" - print and cursive 
 Spelling word lists included for your own homeschool along with Letter flashcards for your little ones      click on the pic below to download the lesson - we use the bible verses to work on handwriting:

Our #homeschool #letteroftheweek - Free printable bible verse copy work every Friday @AdventureZ

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