Monday, April 29, 2013

Biblical Parenting Big Giveaway and Launch Week! ($400 of FREE loot - enter to win an ipad mini -and so much more)

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 Purchase The Christian Parenting Handbook here  this week and receive over $400 of parenting resources FREE!  Just for purchasing this fabulous book during launch week you get:  
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You will need to purchase the physical copy of the book (not the Kindle or Nook eBook) in order to qualify for the $400 in free gifts. One of the gifts you'll receive is the eBook. 

 The Christian Parenting Handbook:  
"Insightful, Practical, Encouraging and, as always, focused on reaching a child's heart rather than merely changing behavior. An "aha" book that provides real life help—help for everyday situations. Parents will keep this Handbook handy!" 
—Karl Bastian, the Kidologist, founder and president of

"A must read for all parents no matter what faith or stage of life. This book is chocked full of practical strategies you can implement today! Having four teenagers, our house can feel quite chaotic. We are starting with the golden nuggets in chapter 15 right away." 
—Eric and Jennifer Garcia, Association of Marriage & Family Ministries

Our testimony: 

We love the Lord and are seeking to instill, in our family, a foundation of faith based on godly principals. We are also a family with three little boys. There is a whole lotta testosterone in our family unit. Even in a home where love comes first and where they are taught about Jesus daily, there are many challenges in raising our boys to be strong men of courage and men of faith. 

Let me put it this way; boys fight. They aren't allowed to fight with each other, but even on our very best days - there comes a moment (at least one) where we have to go through the process of settling an issue between 2 or 3 of our boys. 

Certainly, we impose rules which include specific consequences for their choices. We try to be consistent with loving discipline - all the things that seem to make sense. Often times, we can deter an unpleasant situation with just a reminder of those consequences. 

In this fallen world, that is about the best we can hope for - right? 

Wrong. God is using The Christian Parenting Handbook to remind me, once again (sometimes I am a painfully slow learner) that their behavior isn't near as important as what is going on in their hearts. Although we start every day with the Lord, although they are learning the Word and hearing about what God wants from them - I negate the importance of that when I turn around and discipline based on a reward/punish type of mentality. If we can stick to the "heart of the matter", good behavior on their part will be an outcropping of that process. 

In our 12+ years of marriage, we have settled many an argument or decision, based on a "what does God want from me in this situation" approach. Why then is it so difficult to remember that this is the critical approach which needs to be taken with our brawling boys?

 I don't know. Human nature, I suppose. But truth is truth, and these principles are truth. They can change your life. They are changing ours (always a work in progress around here).

 I am honored to be a part of this launch team and excited to present you with this wonderful opportunity.

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