Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Frugal Family - Online Deals and Giveaways

In an effort to save money this year,  I'm joining my friends Marcy +Ben and Me  as well as Sam +Sam's Noggin  to bring you this weekly  link up full of tips for becoming a more Frugal Family. We will be sharing ideas to help you save money on groceries and meals, homeschool, crafts, and plenty of frugal DIY posts. We've made many sacrifices so that I can stay at home to teach the boys, and I've become pretty frugal in order to help make that possible and to keep it that way. It's become a challenge I truly enjoy, and one I enjoy sharing with you!

Blogs, Twitter parties, and Social Media have provided today's Frugal Family with an opportunity to try new products, add to book collections, print coupons and even win major prizes for their families. It can be a little intimidating at first, but if you jump right in - you'll be entering giveaways and bringing home the wins in no time! You'll find that most folks don't mind answering your questions and helping you along as you find your way. Each of us has been there and had help along the way.

Participating in online giveaways has blessed my family with homeschool curriculum, Amazon, books, and more. Many things I didn't need to go out and spend money on - but are sure nice to have on hand. With an investment of a little time - I've managed to make out pretty well. I've even won toys for Christmas!

For businesses - bloggers host giveaways to provide maximum exposure to products and programs.
It's a win win for all parties.

Blogging has provided my family with homeschool curriculum, and income to help us along. It has helped provide for our Adventurez as we explore our way through life . . . and I blog about it.

If you've thought of giving this blog thing a try - Check out the iBlog book - linking
from Sidetracked Sarah - This great book is almost 400 pages of information from bloggers who are making it work for their family and willing to share their expertise. It's a steal - a frugal investment:

I have several giveaways going on this week that are simple to enter
 (contact me if you have any trouble and I'll be happy to help) 

Current Giveaways on AdventurezInChildRearing:                

       The Ecology Book

Other Deals and Freebies: 

If you set an amount of time for yourself daily or weekly and find your favorite spots to head to
 regularly- make it a part of your schedule - you can find and earn great deals for your frugal family! 

FREE Creation verses to enhance your homeschool studies and nature walks: 

Link up your own tips for saving money on our Frugal Family link up for January
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