Friday, May 3, 2013

Homeschool plan - Letter of the Week

In my life this week . . . Our Letter of the week is Gg 

Gg is for Gooooooood Food: 

          Get the recipe here and link up your own recipes to share with us each week! 

I've been doing a lot of working this week. Blog work, side work, writing. I'm happy to be getting some things done but I'm looking forward to the weekend as well. 

We've had lots of rain this week - so it's been a good time to hunker down and write!

In our homeschool . . . 

Gg is for Go! 

- as in: "I like to GO fishing" making sentences with LeGO's - a kinetic exercise we saw from
Stef Layton over at Educating Laytons!   

Gg is for . . . Gopher Tortoise - we had fun exploring the back yard and observing this guy

Gg is for Geography . . . we are still studying countries of the Caribbean -this week Guatemala 

Gg is for . . . Great Inventors - we read about Ben Franklin and his musical armonica - then the boys explored the concept and learned with their own version of a glass instrument:

Gg is for . . . Great Big Creatures - We read, explored, and learned with our wonderful new book 

Gg is for . . . Giveaways! 

I have several going on right now - I'd love to have you enter to win:

The Ecology Book   

Gg is for . . . Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel

FREE Gg Letter of the week - homeschool lesson for your family:

Speaking of GO . . . We are signed up and ready to GO with our new hands on science projects 
EEME promotes creativity, critical thinking and inspires my boys to learn more! 

Praying for . . . 

The first Teach Them Diligently Conference of the year is underway in Spartanburg, SC -
We are preparing to head off to TN later this month for the next one!

There are other opportunities to participate in these events:

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