Thursday, May 9, 2013

Our homeschool - Letter of the week -Hh is for. . . Honor

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Exodus 20:12 
"Honor your father and your mother that you may live long in the land 
the Lord your God has given you."

In my life this week… Hh is for Hiatus - we took off and went camping Sun & Mon 
I'm sorry y'all - but somebody's gotta do it - When the going gets tough, we go outside. I'd like to tell you that it's all for the kids . . . but that would be a flat out lie! Mama loves her time outdoors. 

They don't hate it either - Hh is for Harmonious and Heartsome -time with family in the great outdoors!

If you want to learn more about taking your family camping - check out our post from 

In our homeschool this week… Hh is for . . . Hexaemeron 
(Well, the study of the results of the hexaemeron - anyways )

 FL #spring #flowers @OscarSchererSP #hswildlife #homeschoolBlue crab capture by our lil fisherman! #outdoors #nature #homeschool

The Coral bean plant and the blue-crab were fun to learn about as we explored God's Creation 

Read explore learn: Hh is for . . . Harry Horseshoe Crab 

We further explored horseshoe crabs with our Apologia - Swimming Creatures science book 

Hh is for . . . Herps (as in Herpetology)
@ApologiaWorld Swimming Creatures-learning about Herps #homeschool #hsbloggersCrawling like sea turtles -Hh is for . . . Herps @ApologiaWorld #homeschool #hsttd

Our Swimming Creatures book is focused on sea creatures - We studied turtle shells (we happen to have a few, with scoots in tact,  from our various outdoor explorations) The boys also followed the instructions in the book and used their elbows to pull themselves along like a sea turtle going to lay eggs on the beach. 

Below left: the boys are (unfortunately) doing some herp study up close and personal . . . IN my house! 

Hh is 4 Herp study - unfortunately . . . IN my house! #mobsociety #homeschool #hsttdHh is for . . . Hero 2 Hindu's-Amy Carmichael @YWAMpublishing #homeschool #hsttd

Hh is for . . . hummingbird - We used our GeoMatters Geography Through Art 
That pretty much sums up our week! We enjoyed our time in the great outdoors, exploring and learning about God's creation
Please let me know if you have any homeschool - or  curriculum questions I can help you with! 
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