Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wildlife Wednesday - Master Books Giveaway & our wildlife adventures

I participate on Wednesday with Kathy Balman @Kathy's Cluttered Mind and Master Books at Creation Conversations to bring you Wildlife Wednesday. We share our adventures in nature and information about encounters with God's beautiful creation.

This week:

We've had a funny experience with wild animals wanting to come in to the house and to our tent while camping!

This neighborhood Gopher Tortoise has been determined to come in for a visit. We put him back in the yard, and he would come right back up on the porch to scratch at the sliding glass doors. He wanted in.

We also had a determined raccoon who actually did come into our tent while we were camping. He stole our bread, and then came all the way in and hauled out a bag of trash!

We were camping in an area of Florida where there are no bears, and we've always been comfortable putting the food and cooler in the tent at night. We've had raccoons and animals come into the camp area at night, that is normal, but having them come right into the tent was a new experience.

Experience with wildlife can be incredibly interesting and entertaining, but requires a respect for nature and a careful approach!

We also had the opportunity to go kayaking and fishing. Spence caught and released a pretty blue crab he was very proud of. These interactions with nature build confidence and self esteem in our children. They learn about themselves, their Creator, and the world around them as they investigate and explore creation.

Animals aren't the only wildlife to explore. Spring is a wonderful time to learn about flowering plants as well. The picture below is a Coral Bean plant. It will drop it's seed pods soon and reproduce more little coral beans in the area.

Exploring God's creation is a wonderful way to teach your children more about their Creator. Everything in nature points to an intelligent Designer.

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