Wednesday, June 19, 2013

5 days of summer . . . Adventure for boys: Exploring in style & $80 Giveaway

I'm joining Sarah Robinson of  Sidetracked Sarah and the team of the "5 days of series" to talk about various topics under the heading 5daysof summer . . . The topics range from summer recipes, games, and crafts for the kids to 5 days of summer . . . for Mom (and everything fun in between). Beginning June 17 - 21 we will be blogging about all things summer.  My topic of choice is 5 days of summer . . . adventure for boys. The specific titles are listed below. I do hope you will follow along to be encouraged, inspired and to get ideas for a summer full of adventure! 

Exploring in style! 

Boys love a good adventure, but it becomes even MORE fun when they are dressed for the occasion. Girls aren't the only ones who play dress up. Although good 'ole fashioned outdoor play is great, no matter what the dress code, there is something magical that happens when you add a special hat, tool belt or cape. The adventure becomes all that much more real for your kids when props are added to the scenario.

You don't have to spend a fortune to outfit your boy for adventure. We've bought plastic swords from the dollar store, with breast plates, and shields that provided countless hours of excitement and sparked the imagination. A few props make for great excitement on an expedition.

10 things 4 exploring in style: 

  • Backpack - real explorers carry supplies 
  • Walking stick - real hikers have special sticks 
  • Binoculars - to look for birds and wildlife 
  • Field journal - to identify the wildlife you come across 
  • Canteen - water bottle - recyclable metal is a good choice and they can be personalized 
  • Headlamps, lanterns, flashlights - we love them all 
  • Swiss Army knife- for older boys 
  • Compass - mapping is a great skill to learn & using a compass is key
  • Walkie-talkies - Fun - a great way to let kids enjoy a bit of freedom (when you know the area) 
  • Hats - military, hunting, explorer, cowboy - whatever their pleasure, kids love hats 

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