Thursday, June 20, 2013

5 days of summer . . . Adventure for boys: Camping

I'm joining Sarah Robinson of  Sidetracked Sarah and the team of the "5 days of series" to talk about various topics under the heading 5daysof summer . . . The topics range from summer recipes, games, and crafts for the kids to 5 days of summer . . . for Mom (and everything fun in between). Beginning June 17 - 21 we will be blogging about all things summer.  My topic of choice is 5 days of summer . . . adventure for boys. The specific titles are listed below. I do hope you will follow along to be encouraged, inspired and to get ideas for a summer full of adventure! 

*Girls like adventure too - hey, I'm a girl! This article is about boys because I have them & it's a fun title. You can apply the things that work for you and your family. The real point is to get the family outdoors! 

Moms, you can take the kids camping! I love it when my husband is available to go with us, the family time is our favorite thing. However, he does work for a living. Instead of waiting until he is able to go, we take off whenever possible on our own. Here are a few things I do to make things easier:

  • don't wait for an emergency to make emergency plans - be prepared 
  • have a first aide kit - up to date 
  • keep a plastic bin with cooking utensils, pots & necessities next to cook stove - ready to go
  • keep sleeping bags rolled up and together to grab quickly 
  • keep blow up mattress's and pump together for comfort 
  • fans and cords cool things off when the weather is hot 
  • sweep out the tent after each use when breaking down camp - small broom or hand sweeper 
  • pop up stools or chairs on standby to rest while breaking down or setting up camp 
  • stay hydrated 
  • meal prep ahead of time for easy on-site preparation (wash & wrap potatoes in foil - chop veggies) 

A simple fan can make a world of difference during hot weather

Packaging food in ways it won't be ruined outdoors. Slice fruit ahead of time. 
Use a tote for daily picnics on the trails or as you explore away from camp each day. 

Set up your home away from home to be comfortable. Use a table cloth. Keep a kitchen bin on hand to pack food up at night - lock it in the car to keep critters out of your tent (ask me how I know this) 

Don't be afraid to explore with the kids in the great outdoors. With a little extra planning and some good common sense, you can have a wonderful time making memories that last forever.

Download:  FREE camping checklist here
                    FREE camp kitchen checklist here
                    FREE emergency checklist here

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