Friday, June 28, 2013

Compassion bloggers in Nicaragua - Touching stories of real life

Compassion Bloggers Nicaragua Trip 2013Have you heard of the Compassion bloggers? If you read Ann Voskamp's - A holy experience - you have seen the pictures and heartfelt words of love for these children of Compassion.  

The Compassion blogger team has returned from Nicaragua this month & just in case you haven't yet read about their wonderful journey or looked at their photo's  - photo's that often say much more than any blog post could- I encourage you to go ahead and take a look.

Grab a cup of coffee, and sit back & read through these posts. Open your heart to the truth shared here & allow God to speak into your life.

We are here to serve. We all have a job to do. God has given each a gift to share. It may be a blog post, or a book. It could be a song, or a sponsorship. It may be that God has given you a special heart for those in your community - wherever He leads - just go!

Their trip to Nicaragua may be over - but the stories remain . . .

Read the highlights from the June trip here 
See the other posts from Nicaragua 2013 here 

Read about blogger Christy Jordan Southern Plate - meeting the child she sponsors - here. 

And here where "things are changing" "families are being restored" and "children are dreaming of becoming someone"

Share Compassion with your children & enjoy free homeschool curriculum materials  - here 

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