Saturday, December 10, 2011

Homeschool Mother's Journal - Christmas Joy

The Homeschool Mother's Journal
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In my life this week… well, You really have to read THIS to see what special adventure we've been up to! Suffice it to say, I highly recommend taking strangers into your home. I just can't say enough good stuff about our special visit with homeschool friends - we met through blogging and twitter. 
Yes, it's different. Yes, it could be risky. Yes, it was one of the most amazing times ever. 
My husband would have thought I'd lost my mind, but- he's met me - and quite frankly, just wasn't THAT surprised when I made the announcement that I had invited "internet" friends to come and stay with us. He had a few questions. It came down to, "if you're sure" - and I was. 
You can meet my friend Carrie here on her blog - she talks about homeschool, her heart for Jesus, and health -n- wellness! 
I don't share this because I think you should invite any 'ole body into your home- I certainly am not interested in taking chances with my family. But, there are some people that I know for a fact God has sent into my life- using this blog & the homeschool community on Twitter. My point is, when you know someone is a gift from God, you don't have to question it. I'm so very thankful for people He puts in my life- from church, from the neighborhood, local area, sports with the kids, and here. 
Thank you sweet people for reaching out- to me, to each other. Keep encouraging and lifting others up and God will use it! 
In our homeschool this week… well, see above - this link- and. . . . . we took our company on a tour of the Boca Grande Lighthouse from 1890

We learned about the history of our area - which includes the Calusa Indians, who were responsible for the death of Ponce de 'Leon and were fierce warriors and rulers of many tribes across Florida. They used local shells - like the Welk for tools, weapons, and necessities. 

We learned to identify some species of shell and sharks teeth fossils too! We also collected a good supply to send home with our new friends! (we love sharks teeth and shells, but it's even more fun to find friends to share them with) 

Before our friends arrived- I met up with a group of homeschoolers from one of my Yahoo groups at Legoland, FL! What a blessing! That was an awesome time for the boys and an affordable way to enjoy another adventure. 

All Made out of LEGO's !!!
How cool is that? 

From African Safari's to the Golden Gate Bridge and cross country to 
New York Cities Statue of Liberty 

Travel in Lego'ville to small scale Lego cities made to replicate the real deal! 

 Legoland Rocks! 
It took care of a lot of Geography this week! (for real it went well with what we'd been reading)

We are also working on our Truth in Tinsel ebook and enjoying the crafts that go with it each day! 
It's not to late to jump in and share this lovely way to count down to Christmas with your family. Here is the link to get your own ebook - we are doing two each day to catch up - but you really don't have to - there are three choices, so you have shorter versions available. 

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share… have fun together! Make fun homeschool friends - let me know if your kiddos need "pen pals" from Florida - we still have another "Florida box" to get out to some friends in Georgia. We'll be happy to exchange "state/city" info with you as well if you'd like. (I think it is a fun way to do some extra geography while we're at it) 
My favorite thing this week was…

Questions/thoughts I have… why is it that I discover a problem with my Christmas lights only AFTER I've worked for hours putting them all on the tree?
I’m praying for…there are so many people hurting right now. The holidays have a way of stressing people out, bringing up heartache for those who've lost loved ones and more. I think this year, there are more people and families hungry and hurting than ever. 
Praying for several friends who have various requests and need support like my sweet friend Renee, healing for others like Ells, others who have left comments and reached out here on the blog for prayer, and support. *Please feel free to do so! 
and as always- I'm praying for my children, lifting up my youngest whom we adopted at eight months. (He's still struggling with issues that are NOT his fault) There is progress being made *Praise Jesus! 
Speaking of adoption - I'm praying for my new friend Natasha from Mother of Seven who has been a wealth of information and encouragement with our little guy. God is working a miracle in our baby and in our home. 
Praying for our upcoming project, well- it's Amanda's project from The Pelsers  but, I am fortunate enough to be able to participate by contributing an article - Beginning in January - we'll be doing an online book club study on this book: 
*I do hope you'll consider participating with us - it'll be a great time of bonding and support as we learn more about really loving our children in the way God intended!  Very Exciting!!!
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Romans 15:7 
“Therefore, accept one another, just as Christ also accepted us to the glory of God.”

Be the Light! 

If at all possible- I'd like to encourage you to get outside with your family and enjoy exploring God's Creation with them this season! (even if you have to bundle up)                              
*Dawn @dsblanchard - if you read this please leave me your email address or your blog link so I can connect with you! Thank you for your sweet comments - I can't find ya! :) 


Rebecca said...

Kelli, I am so happy you girls had some good times together. Yes, opening that door to people...we meet one that can be difficult...I get it. One day...we're going to meet...I can't wait...and I'm excited about H>E>A>R>T! Just wanted to drop by this morning...and say Hello....Many sweet blessings...and days of rest!

Tonya said...

Kelli, you have so expanded your blog! Love it! So happy that you are fulfilling your goal.

I've been dying to take my little boys to Legoland. Someday we'll make it down there, and maybe pop in for a visit ;)

Amy said...

How beautiful was this post! and LEGOville looks AMAZING! :) .... SOOOO fun! so happy for you that you have such peace and love about the things you do! :) HUGS

Aurie{OurGoodLife} said...

What an amazing wrap up! I too am so blessed to connect with wonderful online bloggy and twitter friends who encourage and pray along side me as we travel together!

We are heading to FL in January and I WISH we would have time to go to LegoLand - it looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

My Jonathan would go crazy for all those Legos! I'm excited about the HEART Book Club too. So happy that you're joining me :)

Carrie said...

Kelli, I am so thankful for socialmedia. I shared my story and people thought I was nuts driving 5 1/2 hours to stay with 'stranger's whom I only chatted with over Twitter and Facebook. BUT, we both knew it was GOD that connected us and that is all that matters! You are a gift from God and so is your family. The kids and I still talk about our visit and we look forward to our next homeschool outdoor adventure! What a blessing to be HIS child and so adorably loved! Keep living for HIM and all of your desires will be fulfilled. Love you! Your forever sister, in Christ.