Monday, December 26, 2011

Organizing and Goals for 2012:

Organizing ideas to start off your 2012 on the right note-
(I have gotten as close to original sources as possible) Click on the picture to go to the site
for more info. I hope this helps you as you get ready to move into the year ahead!

A great way to plan out your week for the whole family to see:

DIY weekly calender.  

Need to corral game cards, flash cards, crayons or beads? How about using dollar store
soap boxes to solve those pesky problems? I love this idea - so many small items-
 so little time:


Quick before I loose them, I need to do this! :

Pinned Image

I adore this idea - I need to update my menu binder with these free printouts
from Bold Turquoise! It will improve our "Cooking 101" homeschool class too:

Pinned Image

More free printables to organize your life:
(um, I love binders)

 Pinned Image

In the car- I don't know about you but, my three boys make a mess in my mamavan:

Pinned Image

In the garage with a video tutorial:

DIY PVC storage bin organizer. Great idea.

Closet Organization with baskets:

Closet organization

More closet and dresser organization: 

closet organization

Free printable labels to organize your life:

Pantry, shelf, organize, label, storage, kitchen, declutter

I'll be taking pictures (before and after) along the way so you can laugh at me to share my
organizing journey - It's a good time to "clean up my life"!
The year ahead promises many unforeseen challenges I'd like to be prepared for.
I am looking forward to another year of teaching my boys and enjoying my family, and
sharing with you along the way!

I'll be attending several homeschool, Christian, and blogger conferences (God willing)
I'll be sure to tell you about those -

 God has made the way for me to attend the
Apologia Live conference with some very special ladies! I'm working on getting to Blissdom
and am planning to go to the FPEA Homeschool Convention and possibly do another trip
to visit friends and family in Atlanta and attend the Southeast Homeschool Expo
Any of these that you plan to attend - please let me know and we can meet up for a bit
(you know- hug necks, snap blog pictures, and make a personal connection)
I highly recommend each of these and suggest you check them out if you can!

I have several upcoming events planned for the blog here.
#1 I'm joining the "Have a Heart for Your Kids" book club beginning January 2
(with some bloggers you MUST meet)
Amanda Pelser is leading and she has invited several of my faves to write posts
including my friend Rebecca from Moms Mustard Seed & Sam from Sam's Noggin

If you are interested in these things:

  • Have a Heart for the Things of God

  • Enrich Your Marriage

  • Accept Your Kids

  • Release Them to God

  • Teach Them Truth

  • You are going to want to read the book and follow along with the online book club discussion.
    It's also a great way to gain encouragement from other women who share those goals and
    is a community of love and acceptance - being led by women who participate NOT because
    they think they "have it all together" but because they want to lift others up and be
    lifted up themselves in the process! We are all in the same boat ladies. Life is hard, God
    is good, and He wants us to all encourage each other along the way!

    Beginning on January 15, I am joining up with a team of ladies to study
    Ephesians with Good Morning Girls - This will be my personal quiet time Bible Reading
    and seperate from family devotions :) I encourage you to check it out- and consider joining!

    On Januray 1st I'm beginning the 31 days of prayer for my spouse!
    31 Days to Pray for Your Spouse

    How in the world will I get it all done? Well,

    I've been participating in an online community who help encourage me
    to set and reach my goals. You may have met the crew from 3 in 30 by Ashley Pichea

    3in30 Challenge

    I would like to encourage you to check them out, if you haven't already and link up with
    us as we set three goals at a time (divide and conquer) and encourage each other!

    My goals for the month of January:

    1.  Personal Growth-  
     a) Continue quiet time with Jesus & praying for others by doing the Ephesians
    study with the Good Morning Girls group
     b) Continue pursuing my Health improvement goals by drinking more water, exercising 3x week for
    20 minutes, and eating healthier meals (see meal planning binder above)
     c) Pray for my husband and grow closer to him using the 31 days to BBS ebook (this is listed
    under "Personal Growth" because it really is about God working in MY heart)

    2. Homefront-
    a) Beginning the "Have a Heart for Your Kids" book club will help me continue along with the
    goals set forth in our home. I want it to be a place where my children are free to pursue their
    interests, where they are safe to be themselves, and where we learn about the world around us
    as we grow together and closer to Jesus- a place full of God's love.
    b) I have a lot of cleaning and organizing to do- see above ideas for organization, I'll be using
    them along the way and plan to tackle one room, closet, basket at a time. This will last longer
    than a month & will be an ongoing project in our home. Photos will follow :)
    c) Stay on track with our homeschool - Organization will help with this goal as well. The children
    are pretty much on schedule from the loose plans I've laid out - mostly, I just need to organize the
    paperwork - the never ending paperwork!

    3. Writing/Blogging-
    a) Finish ebook, yes, I have an ebook in the works. It isn't the one I started. God took over and
    it is on a completely different topic than the one "I" originally started out to do, I'll fill you in soon!
    But, it grew out of my desire (and God's) to write for a new site called "Diva Girls" - I sat to
    write my first post for MamaKautz and- the ebook was born. It will be done soon. My world is full
    of boys and all that entails, I had no idea that I had such a deep desire to reach young women, but
    I do, I really do. Praying that God will bless it as I know for a fact it has come from Him!
    b) Attend the conferences listed above - (even though they are not strictly blog conf.) it is all related
    for me.
    c) Listen carefully to God's guidance in my writing, so that it is a service and a ministry for Him and  others. I want Adventurez and everything that stems from it to be a source of encouragement and help
    as I seek to share His love with families.

    *I realize that I may not accomplish everything I set out to do. I may not end up with the most
    organized house on the block (ever), my household will not run perfectly as it does not have a
    perfect captain. With God's help and your encouragement there will be improvement!

    What are your goals for 2012? Have you laid them out yet?



    k balman said...

    Great goals. I will definitely be at apologia and hopefully SE Expo. Also hope to get down to Florida for a #hsmommas meet up : ) I am going to be working on some goals this week for the New Year. We need to get more organized around here for sure.
    I will also be doing the HEART book club and 31 days to build a better spouse.

    Carrie - young living oil lady said...

    Great tips, ideas, goals you have set forth for 2012. Thanks for sharing and many will be drawn to do the same, as you are inspiring many. Blessings to you and your family. I will see you in 2012 at a few of these engagements. At the FPEA homeschool convention, the HEART bookclub, and more I won't take time to mention. I look forward to seeing you in 2012 and a hug is guaranteed! :)

    Aurie{OurGoodLife} said...

    Wonderful goals - and I'll be interested to watch your organizing tips :) I love to organize and am always on the lookout for new ways to do it!

    Sure wish we were going to the same conferences, but perhaps we can meet up quickly in a few weeks :)

    Rebecca said...

    Wow, ok, your post made my heart skip a beat....I need to sit down and write out my goals. I have so much I want to do...and there is something to be said about writing them down. Time to do that...I LOVE these ideas...I think many of them are on my 'likes' list!!!!! It's going to be a GREAT year! Love ya!

    Tonya said...

    Wowee Zowie! You are one determined woman! I hope I can have one-tenth of your enthusiasm in the year to come! I hear you when it comes to organizing...I have a whole lot of toys I need to do something with. I also would like to get my teen and tween to be more organized...not sure how to get that accomplished without a fight, though!

    Stacie said...

    You have quite a list there! I'm glad we "found" each other because you have some great ideas/interests that are very much relevant to me. I'm praying about joinging the Good Morning Girl's study. I've done it in the past, but this time around, I have a newborn and I'm not sure how committed I'll be (??).

    Well, God bless on all of your goals. . .keep us posted, please!! Take care and Happy New Year!

    Kelli said...

    Okay, so you have inspired me. I really need to get organized and have slowly been working on it over the last year. I am sure my family would like if I did more than move one item a day though. Perhaps, with some of your links I can find ways.

    I so so want to go to the Apologia conference. Have wanted to... Perhaps some year.

    You are going to be one busy lady this year. God Luck (not misspelled, you'll need Him, to accomplish it all)