Monday, April 2, 2012

Journey Through Ephesians - Speak Boldly

When I was a child and started Kindergarten - my parents originally put me in public school. We 
had a nice little neighborhood school that should have been a fine place for me to learn my ABC's 
and my 123's. But there was a problem, a conflict of interest. The school superintendent called my 
parents in for a conference and in no uncertain terms - asked them to remove me from their little 
neighborhood school. I was 5 years old, and I was rocking the boat. 

You see, I came from a Christian home where the gospel of Jesus Christ was a matter-of-fact and 
lived out daily. It flowed throughout our everyday conversation and was the center from which all 
else in life was rooted. 

I had gotten hold of the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ and in my 5 year old mind - it was very simple - EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE NEEDED TO KNOW IT! 

How could I possibly meet someone - teacher or new friend - even play with someone on the 
playground - then walk away without KNOWING that they had heard about the Salvation of the cross?
I didn't - I didn't meet anyone or walk away from them without checking to make sure that they knew my Jesus. I couldn't! I had the truth and they needed it! 

It was not going over very well. 

I was no evangelist - no preacher - no one special - just a little bitty girl who loved Jesus and was excited about the truth of His love and salvation from our sins. He DIED for us! He came to set us free - that we might live eternally! How could I NOT share that wonderful news? God had a message for them & the Truth flowed from me. 

I spoke boldly. I'd come to Christ as a child and with child-like simplicity, I understood all I needed - to know without a doubt - that it didn't matter if they threw things at me on the play ground. It didn't matter if I was sent to the office again. It didn't matter if I was told to stop. The eternal souls of my new friends were at stake! Some of them agreed. Some of them prayed and accepted Jesus.

 It really didn't go over well at the Jewish household down the street - but you know what? I had done what I knew in my heart was my purpose in life. I'd shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with all whom I'd come into contact. 

My parents did end up having to pull me out of that school. They really didn't know what to do with a 5 year old who wouldn't shut up about Jesus. I loved the name of Jesus, Master, Savior, Messiah, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Alpha and Omega, Yahweh, my Jesus.

Ephesians 6: 19-20

I was unashamed. I wept for those who threw proverbial stones. Though it may have hurt my feelings, it was their eternal soul at stake and it was my Jesus whom they mocked. I prayed for them. I didn't understand how they could hear truth and not welcome it. 

These Scriptures are a reminder to me that we are at war. There is a battle raging in our world for the souls of the lost! How can we NOT boldly share the truth of the gospel? We must. 

I'm teaching my children - and we shared the "soldier" below with our Children's Church. They need to know how to put on the armor and share the truth. 

We must gird up our loins - put on the whole armor - and go out into the world to proclaim the
 gospel of Jesus Christ. In our super markets. In our neighborhoods. At the soccer field. In church. Wherever we are, wherever we go - there are people who need to know that God loves them, that Jesus died for them - and that He has a plan for their lives! They need to know our Jesus! 

Are we boldly proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them?

As Easter approaches - as we stop to take time to remember His ultimate sacrifice - let us take note of what it cost Him - and let us speak boldly about it! 

*My prayer: "Lord God, help me to remember the child-like simplicity with which I viewed the sharing  of the gospel - Protect us as we put on Your armor and go out into the world - Help me to hear the leading of the Holy Spirit and to open my mouth and speak boldly in love" 

I'm counting my Gifts to #1000 and beyond: 

#211 - A Christian family and home 
#212 - The opportunity to share Christ with others
#213 - The freedom to share Jesus with others
#214 - Gift of the gospel that we can know truth! 
#215 - Experience of seeing others come to salvation 
#216 - Having Jesus be the center of our home and lives (with my own children) 
#217 - Legacy of Faith to pass to my children 
#218 - Courage to speak boldly - to stand up for Jesus 
#219 - Personal relationships developing in my own children with the Lord I love
#220 - Bearing witness to His grace and forgiveness - His love!!! 

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Lisa notes... said...

Love the picture of spiritual armor. :-)

And love that you bubbled over with Jesus from the get-go. What a blessing to the world. I wish there were more like you.

Kelli Becton-AdventurezInChild'Rearing said...

I bubbled over when I was 5! (and as a child in general) Then life got in the way- beat me down & I am just in recent years getting bubbled again ;) wonder if I need to make that part more clear in the article? hummmmm

Rebecca said...

Kelli, you know my story, you know my thoughts...and what a blessing it would be if more 5 yo at least knew the truth!

danielle @ RLR said...

I was THAT girl too! Just a smidge older. I was 8 when our family began attending a Bible believing church...

I would set up a card table on the side of the road and "preach" to all the neighborhood kids! It was just such a passion.

As I've grown, I think I've learned how to bridle that passion a little bit. I still love Jesus...and I still crave opportunities to share just won't find me street preaching much any more! ;)

Just stopping in to say thank you for visiting my place!


Dianna said...

I so know your story. I was much the same as a child and grew up in a Christian home and my father was a pastor. I got sent to the principal's office and in trouble with the teacher many times for that reason. I wish that I had still been that bold through my teen years. Not that I was all that bad just shy about it. But something that stuck out to me once and I will NEVER forget it. I didn't always have to say anything at all. People knew because of how I lived. I remember hearing a friend tell me that someone had started a very mean rumor about me and a boy that I went to school with said "Not Dianna she is a christian and would never do something like that." You know that meant more to me than anything in this world. That just my everyday living was a testimony to the kids I went to school with. Great great post.

Not Your Ordinary Agent said...

Thank you for visiting! You have an amazing blog here. I'm so amazed that you homeschool. You can tell you're a great teacher.
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Cindy Swanson said...

That is so awesome! I remember (eons ago) that I made a few waves in public school with innocent comments or things I wrote or drew, that reflected my childlike faith.

It felt strange to be rebuked for something that was so much a part of my life, and I didn't even go as far as you did in proclaiming your faith!


Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

Anonymous said...

What a precious story Kelli, that you were born an evangelist and practiced at an early age. And really we are all evangelists aren't we? But you definitely have a special gift that revealed itself early. Love the way you are teaching your kids too.

Connie@raise your eyes said...

As a preschool teacher/grandma of 8, I love the little girl who just can't hush about JESUS!

What joy that GOD reeled in that wayward teen so she could speak for Him again.

Jennifer said...

Wonderful, beautiful post! I was that little girl too, and I stirred up a heap of trouble myself. You're right, though. How can we not share? We need to continue to be bold!

Tiffany DeOs said...

Love this post! When I was a little girl I used to share all the time with those around me the Good News of the Gospel. This post made me wonder what had happened to that little girl. Thanks for reminding me of our call to share the gospel and reminding me to teach that to my children. BTW I found you from Women in the Word linkup.

MomLaur said...

Wanting to teach the armour up next, when we're back from our trip! I will pick your brain when I see you ;0)

Also, somehow I ended up a week ahead in Eph, and finished last week! LOL

Love your thoughts, as always, challenging and encouraging me!

Ticia said...

I like your soldier. It's so cute! I need to sit down and teach my kids about the armor of God soon.

Sarah A. said...

Hi Kelli - I just found this Homeschool Hop and I saw your beautiful among the link ups!!

I so love this!!! I wish my children were like that!! Heck, I wish I was like that!! Evangelism is something I struggle with A LOT!! Thank you for the reminder!

Excited to have found this homeschool link up!!