Thursday, May 17, 2012

FREE GeoMatters Trail Guide to Learning- Unit 1 Columbus

Geography Matters

You know we love GeoMatters Trail Guides to Learning for our little adventurers around here -
 the only thing we like better is. . . . . 

                                                   FREE Trail Guides to Learning! 

You heard me - FREE!!!  There has been such a demand for GeoMatters to come up with a system
to download individual Units for study - that they've gone and done it! To celebrate the release of these
terrific Study Units they are providing us with a FREE unit of Paths of Exploration - Unit 1 Columbus
offered through the month of May for Newsletter subscribers! 

The second Study Guide - Unit 2 - Jamestown is also available for purchase. By accessing the curriculum
in this manner it allows families to budget a little easier by spreading out the cost. Click on the pic below to access your  Columbus Unit Study by subscribing to the newsletter. 

Paths of Progress Text

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Our boys have enjoyed every aspect of this unique curriculum - from the individual books listed in the 
curriculum to the science and art lessons. They like being able to do most all of their schooling from
 one main source. It saves us time, money, and saves me planning! They love the adventure and recall 
the information - so I know they are really learning. It's a curriculum that works for the entire family! 

I do hope you'll give it a try with this free introductory Unit on Columbus and I hope you'll love it . . .
 like our little explorers do!