Thursday, May 17, 2012

Good Old fashioned Fresh Preserves & Good Old fashioned Ball jars all dressed up!

While our homemade preserves aren't officially "healthy" - they are made with simple 
old fashioned ingredients - the fewer - the better! 

We chopped fresh organic strawberries into fourths - we started with 2 pints of whole berries
After blending them in the blender - being sure to leave plenty of chunks of fruit we 
ended up with 3 cups of smashed strawberries. Set aside. 

 We added 1 1/2 cups of cane sugar to a pot on the stove - added the entire box of 
Sure gel to the pot and stirred thoroughly - added 1 cup water and heated until boiling - 
stirring continuously - after boiling continued to stir one minute - removed from heat. 

Quickly added strawberry slush to the sugar mixture and stirred completely. 
Once it cooled just a bit- we added it to our clean Ball jars. 
We completed the "look" by decorating the lids with circles of scrapbook paper to match! 

We waited until the strawberries cooled and started to gel before adding the lids. 
I'll put these 3 jars in the refrigerator because we go through it pretty quickly! 

Now - I'm off to grind up some wheat for fresh bread to go with it! 



Rebecca said...

YUMMY!!! OK...I'll be down light seemed to be a false alarm!!!! Love ya!

Kelli Becton said...

Rebecca! COME ON sista :) can't wait!

Cherry said...

Looks delicious, and very fun to do as a family! Brings back memories of jam-making in the past. My mother made jam until she was in her 80's, and I have done a bit myself, but not for awhile. Enjoy!