Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day #4 - 5 Days of Organizing and Cleaning . . . when you don't feel like it -

Organizing and Cleaning for Moms with Chronic Illness- 

Some of you know - I suffer from RA (rheumatoid arthritis) so it is rare that I'd be "feeling like" organizing and cleaning - although it never fails to make me feel better once I've gotten things in better order.

Day #2 - Prepare your body and a few ways to make it easier on you while you work

Day #4 - Action - jumping in - cleaning order step by step 

When it's time to get started, put on some praise or family favorite music and jump right in! Your mind is set, and you've physically prepared. You've made your list and checked it twice. You have a big picture plan, and you've broken it down into smaller goals. You've gathered your tools and supplies to have on hand. The music is playing - and there is no better time than today. 

According to your plan, you've already chosen an area that will have a big impact, and you are prepared to start sorting. I like to go ahead and pull everything out of one area at a time to begin that process.  A couple of tips I use can help you work through the stages: 
  • Clean an area from top to bottom - including the tops of shelves and the baseboards 
  • Clean from left to right - don't leave the area and get side tracked until it is finished 
  • Clean in order as follows: 
  1. Sorting - clutter and belongings 
  2. Dusting / scrubbing / wiping - empty shelves, fans, window sills, furniture 
  3. Vacuum - floors, corners, baseboards 
  4. Replace items on shelves and such where they belong - bins, baskets, drawers 
  5. Floors - may not be needed if you have carpet - I usually like to give it a last go over 
(some people like to vacuum before dusting - there are situations that may call for it - adjust as needed) 


One step at a time - one day at a time - you can get the job done. 
You can turn your mess (like above) into this: 

Even when you just don't feel like it - putting your home in order can be done - and once it's organized - once you have a system and a place for things to go - it becomes much easier to keep it that way. 

Especially for those who are living with chronic illness - there will be times when you cannot keep up. There will be times when you feel as though your home has "gotten away from you". The strategies in this series are tried and true ways to help you get and stay on top of things. It's a great feeling when your home is running smoothly. If you can dig in once or twice a year to organize in a big way - the rest of the year will be much simpler to keep up. 

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