Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kids in the Kitchen - Link Up #26 -Family Favorites

We've had some difficulties getting up and going this week with our Kids in the Kitchen posts-
I hope you'll join me with my good friend Carrie @YoungLivingOilLady  as we share time in the 
kitchen each week with the kiddos- There are always many yummy recipes to pin and enjoy with your 
family! We hope to encourage you to spend time together preparing and sharing healthy meals!

How to feed a family of 5 with a $5 skillet steak: 

One of our favorite family meals is plenty colorful - the more colors you add- the healthier the meal becomes! (and the yummier too) There are jobs for everyone with this tex-mex meal. 

Grating cheese and slicing onions are jobs our 6 year old enjoys- we let him use a table knife to 
peel and chop the onion - if it's a larger onion - I'll chop it in half for him first to get started


Spending time in the kitchen with your kids - provides opportunity for them to learn new skills - and 
for some fun silly time together as well - we use the less fat re-fried beans from a can or slow cook our 
own pinto beans and then mash 'em up - time was short this week so we made due with the canned version

We placed corn tortillas on a cookie sheet to bake in the oven (until brown and crisp - about 10 min) 
instead of frying them in oil - which is yummy - but bad bad bad for the heart! 


We used healthy coconut oil in our cast iron skillet to cook the steak - it melted on the stove while 
big brother prepared the meat by tenderizing it and seasoning with No MSG taco seasoning 
(I always keep some on hand from our local Sams Club) 


When all the chopping and cooking is done - you have a colorful and healthy meal with lettuce, onion, tomato, cheese, beans, avocado, peppers, corn tortillas, and protein! 

I hope you'll join us by linking up your recipe - just grab the button below or code from my side bar 
to add to your post - please comment here and try to visit and encourage others as they cook and share. 
Kids aren't required in your recipe pics - but we sure do think they're cute! 

Enjoy your family this week! I pray you'll be inspired to spend some time together in the kitchen and gathered around the family table. Healthy food prepared together makes stronger families- God bless!

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