Thursday, September 6, 2012

Get Healthy - Series

We are all about getting out into nature to explore God's creation. 
I've allowed pain from RA to keep me from moving my body like I'm supposed to. Although I've continued with our adventures - I've allowed myself to sit by on the sidelines. The past 2 years, I've gained weight and slowed down.

 It's a vicious cycle and I've decided enough is enough. 

I'm going to keep my focus on getting healthier for God and family during this series instead of worrying about the scale. By eating better, cutting out sugar, eating higher protein, lower carbs and drinking the water I know my body needs - I will begin to feel better and the weight will follow the health. 

It's a struggle for those who fight pain every day to keep moving.
 I have recently lost these battles, but I'm determined not to loose the war! 

I'll be posting here each Monday on my progress and with encouragement for those who are battling with me. If you'd like to join in - just let me know in the comments or private message. 
We begin September 10th - so make your plan and get ready to roll

There are 17 other bloggers participating in this series as we work to improve our health, find encouragement, accountability, and encourage others. I want to be a good example to my children and show them good habits. I want to be "in the game" and not just on the sidelines shooting pictures. I want to be my best and to improve my health by allowing my body to function at it's best, highest level. 
 I always do better when I have a focus outside of myself to achieve a goal. How about you? 

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