Monday, September 10, 2012

Kids in the Kitchen - Link up #31 - Cooking 101 free unit study

Joining together with Carrie @YoungLivingOilLady to bring you this fun family link up! 
Our goal is to encourage families to cook and eat together - food is healthier when made at home 
Family friendly recipes welcome - especially healthy food - but treats are good sometimes too. 
We encourage real foodfresh food, and whole grains! We love to see your cuties in the kitchen 
but pictures of your children are not required for the link up - 
won't you help us encourage families to spend time together at the table? 

At our house this week: 

Walker learned a new skill - He cracked eggs by himself and scrambled them in a bowl - teach kids to break the eggs into a separate bowl so if they drop any shell it can be spooned out! 

You don't always have to be ready with a full recipe to spend time with the kids in the kitchen! They also enjoy learning one new skill at a time and knowing they played an important role in preparing the meal. 

Created for you - A new Cooking 101 Unit Study - Aa is for Apple: 
(also for older students- includes recipe and  ideas for Bible, science, language arts and more) 

Download here: 

Link up your favorite family recipe or your kids in the kitchen experience 
Grab the button below or on my side bar- please leave a comment and try to encourage others 
by visiting their links. We've had some great recipes lately - I'm Pinning away! 

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