Saturday, October 6, 2012

#31 Days of Homeschool Encouragement - on the topic of humor

Are you tired, run down, listless? Do you pop out at parties? Try some 'Vitameatavegiment' 
I was always a big fan of I love Lucy while growing up. The 'Vitavitavegivet' girl was one of my all time favorites.

 I have to give a big fat shout out and thank you for the walk down memory lane to my blog friend Amanda Medlin @Always Amanda. She mentioned the famed quote from that I love Lucy series earlier this week - and in doing so - inspired this here post! 

Laughter - the best medicine 

As a homeschool mama who suffers with chronic pain and illness - that little tid bit of TV trivia (along with others) help me keep a sense of humor during the tougher moments. Without a sense of humor - I'm sunk! Our children are going to pull some whoppers. I want to be the mom who laughs and pulls out the camera when they do these things - not the one who freaks out over the mess. Currently, I go back and forth between the two! 

Things a Mama never wants to hear from the next room 
(which was heard in mine last week): 
"We've got 'em on the run"  "You go that way and I'll go this way - we'll catch them"

What was on the run, you ask? Frogs. 10 frogs and a lizard - to be exact! 

When I read the Lucy quote at Amanda's  I was reminded of the importance of taking my daily dose. I take medicine (which I'm grateful to have) for my pain and suffering, and I've begun working to change my eating and exercise habits this month. I'm eating my vegetables and working to take better care of my body - so that I can be an example to my children and care better for my family. (more about that on Monday) 

On Sunday - we'll be talking about taking care of our spiritual health each day. Today is all about the mind. Certainly, that will be included with our spiritual health because we must fill up on the Word - put it into our minds in order to walk with Him. 

Remembering to laugh

Our children are funny. Their mess isn't always funny, but the circumstances which got them to that point usually contain some glimmer of humor - if you can see past the mess to find it. It seems like only yesterday - they were getting into this: 

And then they were out catching frogs (which they accidentally set loose in the house) Soon they will be asking for car keys! oh my- I'll be sure to send out an alert. 

Bring on the silly 

I want to remember - to be intentional - about spending some silly time with my boys each day. I want them to SEE that I enjoy their individual personalities. I want to laugh with them and teach them to see life with a touch of humor. It's easier said than done, when I'm in pain (because I'm always in pain) but, it must be done, and done more often. 

Have your kids done something silly lately? Do you laugh during your homeschool day - or do you poop out at parties? Remember to get your daily does of 'Vitavitaveggiehumor'!

Thank you for visiting  - I'll be posting daily doses of homeschool encouragement - with some detailed information about how we manage our homeschool - and struggles - daily throughout October. 

Please let me know if you find these reminders and information useful or if there is something else you are looking for. I am happy to share what God has led us through (some pretty big challenges) and how He continues to carry us through each day.

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