Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A party invitation - a giveaway - and major homeschool encouragement

                                                     Today's homeschool encouragement comes disguised as a party, review, and a giveaway.

 As part  of the
 Mom's of Master Books team - I am participating in a Facebook party this week . . . and You are invited!  

Also, I cannot think of a better way to encourage you on your homeschool journey, than for you to take a good look at some of the major reasons why we,
as Christians, choose to homeschool - our children
 in the first place.

Many of us began this journey into homeschooling for different reasons. Now, this review and reflection about the book and movie IndoctriNation is for the Christian family. It won't mean a thing to those who do not hold the belief that Jesus Christ is Lord. Certainly, everyone is encouraged to watch the movie or read the book - there is valuable information about what is going on in schools across the country

Christian families who do not homeschool may find the ideals and information a bit offensive. I'd like to encourage you to get past that - to be willing to hear it - to see it - to consider the facts and information presented as you make an informed decision that is right for your family. You'll find no judgement here. Above all, I respect the parents rights to decide what is right for their own child. (That is also addressed in IndoctriNation - as there are many rights being stolen from parents today within the school system - that you may or may not be fully aware of). Personally, I figure the more information - the better equipped we are to make the right decisions - whatever they may be.

For families who do homeschool - it is a wonderful reminder to continue to fight the good fight. Parenting isn't easy. Homeschooling your children is certainly not easy. We want to be sure to do this right. Your child's education is no easy matter. No matter what your motives  when you began the homeschool journey, this movie will bring you encouragement that you are doing what is right for your children, and remind you of the bigger picture. Eternity.

If you, like many, have considered homeschooling as a possible solution for your family- well, you don't want to miss out on this information. It has the potential to settle the decision in your mind - once and for all. 

Here's a couple of sneak peeks: 

No matter where you stand on the issue of homeschooling - as a Christian - you surely agree that we were created to bring glory to God. 

Isaiah 43:6b–7, "Bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the end of the earth, everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made." 

IndoctriNation seeks to answer the question as to whether or not that can be done within the public school system. With things the way they are today - is it possible to glorify God within the public school system? What are the alternatives? 

I believe with my whole heart - this movie and/or book - can help you decide once and for all what is best for your family. They take a look at most all of the issues facing today's students. They talk to some of the best teachers and gather opinions from all across the Nation. 

I cannot recommend it enough - for those who homeschool - for those who have considered it - and for those who don't. You need - you deserve - this information. 

If you do homeschool - it will remain a source of encouragement in your home - a reminder to stay the course - for many years to come. 

Master Books has graciously decided to partner with me to bring you a giveaway!

*I was provided a digital copy of the book for this review - I own the movie - the opinions are my own - I believe in the message of IndoctriNation and want to share it 

IndoctriNation  video: HERE
IndoctriNation website: HERE
Book & DVD details: HERE

You are invited: 

What: A Facebook party 

When: October 18th at 9pm est

Why: To discuss IndoctriNation
with the authors, editors, and producers {Q and A time}

RSVP: On Facebook

Every good party has prizes and this one is no different. If you haven't attended a Facebook party before - let me just tell you - it's fun! We'll come together on the page (link above) to ask questions - and gather more information from those involved in the making and writing of the documentary.

During the book/movie discussion - 
we will also share and exchange recipes (therefore the "BITE") In 

keeping with the theme of the evening

- we are looking for your favorite recipes from your home growing up. 

We want to hear about the recipes you'd like your children

 to be sharing with their children some day.

Join us for some online fellowship and fun! 

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